X'toereu & Tiir-lil
Darkling Dawn
Name: X'toareu ty Niaran Alamyr
Gender: Female
Colour: Yellow
Size: 28'
Parents: N'theran ty Taviel Drassen x T'penia ty Veonas Alamyr
Personality: X'toareu is a rather 'bomb-proof' dragon; very little is capable of upsetting or hurting her, and she doesn't become traumatised easily. She is, however, extremely hyperactive, bubbly and playful, and it's rather difficult to get her to stop talking. She likes absolutely everyone, does X'toareu. Her major goal in life is that one day she would like to bond to another dragon.
Abilities: Vocal Speech, Limited Telepathy, Teleportation, Shadow Magic
Mirus (Giveaway)
Bond: Tiir-lil Olhetre
MonFiamma Frenzy
Name: Tiir-lil Olhetre
Bonded To: X'toereu
Gender: Female
Breed: Schattarneki/Dagger Dragon
Height: 7 ft
Abilities: Verbal Speech, Flame Breath, Burning Mist Breath, Conjure Flame, Summon Fire Imp
Personality: Tiir-lil absolutely adores X'toereu, and has the energy level to keep up with her bond. Tiir loves to get her nose into things, and the only thing better than getting into a bit of trouble is getting into a bit of trouble with X'toereu beside her. Tiir-lil is sure to bring some fun along with her, where ever she is, and she is quite good at getting others to laugh... whether that means cracking a witty joke or looking the fool, the dragoness doesn’t really care. X'toereu can certainly look forward to some good times, Tiir-lil will be.