Athryn & Free as the Sapphire
Darkling Dawn
Name: Athryn
Race: Silefaer Mountain Clan
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Appearance: Small, but with a very compact, muscular body, Athryn has bronze-tanned skin and almond-shaped, emerald green eyes. Her hair is black and curls slightly, and it reaches to her shoulder blades. Her ancestory shows in her extremely strong and flexible tail, silver-furred with decorative black markings, and her ears; feathery tufts on the side of her head, white and grey in color. She also has a pair of long, straight horns on her head.
Personality: Athryn's interests lie in the earth; namely, she hunts for and collects rare gemstones from her mountain homeland. She is quite knowledgeable and also skilled at creating jewelry, so she makes a decent living. She is modest and a little nervous around humans, but she is also quite curious and not likely to let prejudice or fear get in the way of her exploring.
Bond: Yellow Free as the Sapphire
Hatching Message: "Oooh, Athryn, you have ssssuch pretty sssstones! Oh, a name? Mmm...How about 'Free as the Ssssapphire'? How'sss that sssound?"
Name: Free as the Sapphire
Race: Athanasian Dragon
Gender: Female
Color: Yellow
Size: 28' long
Abilities: Verbal Speech, Fire Breath, Magical Immunity
Personality: Free as the Sapphire, or 'Saph' as Athryn calls her, loves pretty things and is particularly fond of Athryn's jewelry. She's a hoarder, and will save every single gemstone she receives from Athryn, and then show them all off proudly to anyone interested. She's a simple dragon and it doesn't take much to keep her happy, as long as she has her stones.