Kade & Touch The Sun
Kade & Touch The Sun
Darkling Dawn
Name: Kade
Race: Silefaer Mountain Clan
Gender: Male
Age: 15 (10 at Bonding)
Appearance: Very short and skinny, he gives the appearance of being extremely timid and frail-which, is not far off from the truth. Though physically weak, he has dark brown skin and short, frizzy black hair that tends to curl. His eyes are slanted and green-gold. He shows traits of his clan in his ears, which are somewhat small but long enough to droop and flop around on either side of his face; as well as a pair of stunted, white and cream feathered wings.
Personality: Short-tempered and rather grumpy, he was a bit spoiled during his early life and still has a tendency to throw tantrums-a trait which Touch The Sun will no doubt take care of in due time. Other than that, he is a cheery and optomistic individual; though his stunted wings don't let him fly, he still dreams of touching the skies someday. (Too bad 'Sun hasn't been more obliging in that respect; she doesn't like things on her back.)
Bond: Yellow Touch the Sun
Hatching Message: "Dare you try to Touch The Sun?"
Name: Touch The Sun
Race: Athanasian Dragon
Gender: Female
Color: Yellow
Size: 27'
Abilities: Verbal Speech, Fire Breath, Magical Immunity
Personality: Touch The Sun is one who definitely likes to keep her thoughts to herself. Most of the time, even her bond doesn't quite know what her feelings are, and they have a...questionable relationship. She most often shows a condescending disdain for Kade in public, admonishing and belittling him, but she is quicker to turn her ire on anyone
else who tries to bully him. Even the name she chose is ambiguous, suggesting both hope and futility.
Athanasia (Self-Gifted)