Lantessama Isle Darkling Dawn
Name: Meannys
Race: Mermaid
Gender: Female
Age: 18

Build: Stocky
Skin: Tan
Hair: Black, braided, to mid-back
Eyes: Green-flecked gold
Tail: Blue-green

Appearance: Stocky and heavily built, Meannys is a strong mermaid who is, nevertheless, attractive as any member of her race. Her skin is a nearly-gold tan, and her eyes are also gold, flecked heavily with green. Her hair is black, reaching halfway down her back out of water, and she usually takes care to braid it underwater. Her tail is covered in blue-green scales, but she can turn them into legs if she has to walk on land.
Personality: Outgoing and very curious, she loves to explore, both in and out of water, and has a reckless sense of adventure. She is friendly and likes to flirt every now and then, she is very proud of her appearance and tends to be a bit conceited about it. She gets jealous easily and has a quick temper.
Past: Meannys was born in a community of mermaids deep under the sea. She loved to explore her home, however, and eventually made it to the surface. Though quite naive of this new world, she eagerly set out to explore life on land. With her outgoing personality, she made lots of friends her age, and it was at one of their parties that she met Ranolye. Finding that she liked him alot, they started going out, and eventually they found out that one was a boto and the other a mermaid. They became even closer after that, until one day, they were out swimming in the sea, when they came across a stranger and his dragonlike creature, which he called a Nekrat. The mer-boy-who called himself Aquion-explained that they came from a place called Lantessama Isle, looking for people to bond Nekrats. Meannys was enchanted with the creature and immediately volunteered to go; Ranolye, reluctant to stay behind, chose to go too.

Bond: Female Seaweed Nekrat Keisha
Pets: Aqua Male Ceadra, Tetra
        Spring Female Ceadra, Tilapia
Story coming soon...
Meannys' Seaweed Keisha