Lantessama Isle Darkling Dawn
Name: Ranolye
Race: Boto (Dolphin-shifter)
Gender: Male
Age: 20

Build: Lithe
Skin: Light brown
Hair: Black, pony-tailed, to high back
Eyes: Hazel brown

Appearance: Ranolye is tall and lithe, thin, but still muscular. He is quite handsome, with light brown skin and almond-shaped, hazel grey-brown eyes. His inky black hair is pulled back in a ponytail which reaches just beyond his shoulderblades.
Other Form: Ranolye's true form is a boto, a type of freshwater river dolphin. In his dolphin form, he has a short, bulky body with a short, blunted snout. His skin is a pale, reddish-brown color, slightly darker on his back and lighter on his belly. He is able to shapeshift at will, and the only proof of being a dolphin is his retained blowhole, though he usually covers it with a hat.
Personality: Easy-going and flirtacious, Ranolye is a carefree guy who loves to go to dance and go to parties. He is friendly and affectionate, a big flirt, but overall, he is mellow and calm, with a tendency to daydream when on his own. He is also quite caring and surprisingly gentle.
Past: Born into a loving, doting family as the only child has made Ranolye more than a little spoiled. He has a fair bit of money and tends to drift from one job to another without commiting to a single profession. For obvious reasons, he tends to prefer jobs that allow him to be near the sea. He is quite popular and spends most nights at various friends' parties, which is where he met Meannys. They started conversing and flirting, he not realizing what she was until much later. After a few dates, they both explained to the other what they were; Ranolye, a shape-shifting dolphin, and Meannys, a legendary mermaid. Naturally, they hit it off immediately.
As they were swimming together one day, they found something new; a mer-boy and his aquatic dragon-like creature. The boy explained who they were-Aquion and his Nekrat, Iyru, adn after hearing about Lantessama, Meannys decided that she simply must get a Nekrat of her own. Ranolye couldn't let his girlfriend visit a strange world alone, of course, so he volunteered to go with her and maybe get a Nekrat of his own.

Bond: Male Wave Nekrat Yeijin
Pets: Purple Female Ceadra, Molly
       Yellow Female Ceadra, Cichlid
Story coming soon...
Ranolye's Wave Yeijin