Darkling Dawn
Name: Dess
Race: Rukel
Gender: Male
Age: 5 (2 at bonding)

Appearance: Dess is fairly large for a rukel, with a sleek, catlike build. His fur is long, soft, and luxurious, and he is quite reluctant to get it wet. Over most of his body, his fur is silver, though he has fiery orange markings like a Siamese cat’s. The fur on his belly and chest is a light, tannish brown, as is the relatively short crest of fur on the back of his neck. His slit-pupilled eyes are a brilliant yellow, and his single tail is exceptionally long, twice the length of his body. He has no wings, and one of his long, rabbit-like ears sports a silver ring.
Personality: Dess possesses all the arrogance and vanity that is so common in his species. He is particularly proud of his fine coat of fur, and he abhors getting wet—most unfortunate, considering his bond. He is not generally outgoing or particularly friendly, but he is quite willing to accept the compliments and lavishments of anyone who notices his pelt.

Bond: Female Violet Leirxa
Companion: Orange Terigon, Faewar
The Abstract Destiny
Name: Leirxa
Race: Alskyrian Sea Dragon
Gender: Female
Age: 3
Color: Violet
Personality: She is an extremely shy dragon, but very sweet and gentle. She doesn’t talk much and tends to get nervous around people, but she has a kind, caring disposition.
Bond: Dess
There was an egg in his den. Dess just sat there, staring at it. It was sort of an orangy-brown color and perhaps a little larger than a rukel egg--definitely not one he'd ever sired. He didn't know where it had came from.
He sauntered closer to it, sniffing it cautiously, then snorted. The silver-furred rukel spun around and climbed out of his comfortable rukel-sized den and emerged near the beach of one of Darkling Dawn's lakes. Carefully skirting the water's edge, he called out, "Leirxa! You there?"
A pinkish-violet head rose out of the water with a shifty, somewhat guilty look on its face. "Yes?" His sea dragon bond asked.
"There seems to be an egg in my den. Do you know how it got there?" The rukel questioned.
"Um, oh, yes." She gave a dragony smile. "That's a gift for you." She said sweetly. "It's from the
Abstract Destiny. I thought you'd like a pet; all the humans seem to have them." She explained innocently.
The thought crossed his mind to wonder how Leirxa had managed to
get to the space ship. Instead, he asked, "Oh. What is it?"
"An egg," Leirxa stated blithely.
"Eh, no, what kind of creature, Leirxa?"
"Oh!" She blushed, which really only made her face turn a slightly deeper pink. "To be honest, I didn't really pay all that much attention..."
With some effort, Dess didn't roll his eyes. Whatever. Maybe he'd like whatever came out of it enough to keep it around, for Leirxa's sake if nothing else. He'd just have to wait and see...
Name: Faewor
Gender: Male
Height: 3'0" at shoulder
Abilities: Telepathy. Teleportation. Verbal Speech.
Genetic Code: Ss E3E3 WW TT Y3Y3 C2C5 ll X2X2 uu I2I5 nn P4P5 R2R2 AA
Personality: Faewor is bright and cheerful, and he tends to trail after Dess like a large, happy puppy. He seems quite innocent and naive, but he is also curious and not shy in the least; when not following Dess around, he's usually sticking his nose in random people's business, oblivious to their annoyance or anger. Fortunately, he seems to have some amazing luck, and survival skills.
Sponsor: Dess