Darkling Dawn
Name: Enddelo
Race: Anthropomorphic Hyena
Gender: Female
Age: 41 (17 at bonding)

Height: 5’11
Build: Muscular
Fur: Reddish-brown with black spots
Hair: Auburn, fluffy, to shoulders
Eyes: Dark brown

Appearance: Enddelo is large and very muscular, with a lithe build. Her entire body is covered in wiry, reddish-brown fur marked with black spots, and it is thick enough that she doesn’t really need to bother with clothes, and thus, rarely does. Her eyes are deep brown, and she has a strong, more animalistic body and face.
Personality: Extremely mean-tempered and violent, Enddelo loves to fight, and unsurprisingly, she does not get along too well with others. She doesn’t really show respect to anyone else unless they can beat her in a fight, which is pretty rare.

Bond: Female Green Misdelxa
Pets: Green fire lizard, Issy
          Gold fire lizard, Shaecka
          Brown fire lizard, Leygh
Coeptus Weir
Name: Misdelxa
Race: Alskyrian Sea Dragon
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Color: Green
Personality: A quiet and solitary dragon, Misdelxa is a loner who doesn’t like to be around others. She is usually quite calm and collected; it takes a lot to get her upset. She is not averse to fighting, either.
Bond: Enddelo