Darkling Dawn
Name: Mora
Race: Anthropomorphic Cougar
Gender: Female
Age: 24 (15 at bonding)
Family: Parents deceased; Younger sister,

Height: 6’7
Build: Lithe
Fur: Tawny
Hair: Silver, to midback, frizzy
Eyes: Light blue

Appearance: Mora is lithe and muscular, and her long, digitigrade legs boost her height so that she is taller than most other beings. Her body is covered in thick, fine tawny-colored fur, uniform in color over her body. She has a long tail and rounded ears, as well as a blunted, feline muzzle. Her hair is silver, and since it frizzes terribly when she leaves it down, she usually pulls it back into a loose ponytail. Her eyes are a light blue.
Personality: Kinda conceited and a touch arrogant, Mora thinks quite highly of herself and she tends to be rather reckless. She is very energetic and athletic; she loves physical activity and is rarely still. She tends to have a cynical, pessimistic outlook about the world in general, but she can be quite easy-going and cheerful.

Bond: Female violet Nonoxa
Pets: Female grey tabby cat, Alell
Name: Nonoxa
Race: Alskyrian Sea Dragon
Gender: Female
Age: 9
Color: Violet
Personality: A shy and intensely withdrawn dragon, Nonoxa doesn’t meet many people and she’s perfectly fine with that. She is a natural loner and really just doesn’t like to be around others. Mora always knows where to find her, but aside her bond and Areem, few ever catch sight of her.
Bond: Mora