Darkling Dawn
Name: Osaya
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 30 (17 at bonding)

Height: 5’6
Build: Large
Skin: Pale
Hair: Dark brown, ponytailed, to waist
Eyes: Moss green

Personality: Mean-tempered and irritable, Osaya tends to be rather self-involved and doesn’t show much regard for other people. She is ambitious, though. If one is of higher rank than her, or powerful in some other way, she will show great respect and admiration; otherwise, she’s rather selfish. 
Past: Having grown up in a tiny, seaside village with very little money or food for that matter, Osaya has led a hard life, and it has affected her in more ways than she yet realizes. She was more than happy to get away by bonding Cixuxa, who is just about the only person she’s close to.

Bond: Male dark prism-silver Cixuxa
Name: Cixuxa
Race: Alskyrian Sea Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Color: Dark Prism-Silver (Mutation)
Personality: Unfailingly patient, and he’d have to be, in order to deal with his bond. He is very calm and mild-mannered, he shows respect to everything, and in his case, it’s sincere, unlike Osaya’s ambitious admirations. It’s no surprise that he is well-liked among the other sea dragons.
Bond: Osaya