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No one knew quite where they'd come from, and they weren't telling, but the elemental dragons soon proved their usefullness to Darkling Dawn. There were six of them, one each weilding the powers of Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth, Shadow, and Light. First and oldest was Aciron, dragon of fire. Next was his sister, Olanuh, lady of Water. Third was Ryaan, Thunder-dragon, followed by the dragon of Earth, Okael. Then there was Raith, dark dragon of shadows, and finally, Aseunel, lady of light.
They reside somewhere in the forests of Darkling Dawn, and raise their charges there-unbonded dragons from other worlds they have volunteered to care for. Will they ever bond themselves? Who knows...
Fire: Aciron
Water: Olanuh
Lightning: Ryaan
Earth: Okael
Shadow: Raith
Light: Aseunel