Darkling Dawn
Name: Xylet
Breed: Xeno-Dragon (Xeno-Hathian hybrid)
Rank: Alpha Drone
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Color: Blue
Cy Apocolypse Clutch 2004

Personality: Nasty, bad-tempered, and violent. Needless to say, Xylet doesn't get along to well with other beings. He has a nasty habit of trying to make meals out of smaller creatures. Raith keeps him in check, however. Sort of.
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"Perhapsss we ssshould make Aciron aware that hisss timeing sssseemsss to be off." Raith hissed, with a strange mixture of amusement and annoyance on his face.
Xylet was not amused, only annoyed. The xeno-hathian snarled angrily, baring his teeth. Raith ignored him.
By the time they had arrived at Star City Dragonry as planned, not only had the Xenoqueen in question already flown and clutched, her clutch was listed as full and due to hatch any day now. Clearly, things moved faster here than at Darkling Dawn, or else the dimension-between-dimensions had decided to play tricks with time again.
"Ssstop that. You'll get usss kicked out." Raith said to his rather violent charge, who was still growling and snarling at the people who passed them by on the street. Xylet stopped, somewhat reluctantly. The shadow dragon sighed to himself. "No matter. We'll jusssst wait for another...sssssuitable clutch." Xylet didn't vocally disagree, so Raith took his silence as agreement.
It looked as if that suitable clutch wouldn't be long in coming, either. There seemed to be a clutch of Dark Court dragons from the Vella Crean in the Hatching Bays, which was still open to candidates. (though Raith suspected that could change any day!) In addition, he had heard rumors of other dragons ready to fly including a Blood Court Vella Crean and another Xenodragoness, later. Of course, he couldn't verify any of those rumors, but at least one of them had to be right for Xylet. Right?
Xylet is Standing at: Star City Dragonry
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Name: Lexuss
Bonded to: Xylet
Gender: Male
Colour: Green
Breed: Xenodragon (Burster)
Rank: Medium
Abilities: Empathy, Mindstream Connection
Size: Medium
Height: 8'
Genetic Rating: Not Available
Personality: Quiet but snarky, Lexuss is the kind to trail around like a small dog, perfectly loyal to Xylet, but bitey to those who don't associate with his de-facto 'queen'.
Cyborware: Xenodragons may not redeem invasive cyborware tokens.
Name: Toomesoth
Bonded to: Xylet
Gender: Male
Colour: Dark Bronze
Breed: Vella Crean Dark Court
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Verbal Speech, Venomous Sting, Venemous Bite
Size: Bronze-Sized
Height: 26'
Genetic Rating: Not Available
Personality: Toomesoth is the male equivalent of a queen. Big, proud, strong, and with a fortitude unlike any other, he's a monolith against most disturbances, and a deadly force when provoked. He looks out for those he's come to see as 'under his care'. Xylet and his burster-bond, for instance, have only to come to him if they're outmatched! He is intelligent, to match his brawn, and only a
little megalomaniacal! Watch out for him: he's trouble.
Cyborware: Toomesoth may redeem one minor cyborware token upon adult-hood.