Our Wedding Pictures

Well, here it is. Our "Quick 'n' Dirty" wedding picture page.
Hope you're not too disappointed.

First, here are some pictures of Jason and I.
Some are colour and others are black and white.

Next, here are some pictures of our wedding party,
some of the pictures have us in them, some don't.

"The Girls"

"The Guys"

Me & "The Guys" and Jason & "The Girls"

Jason's Best Man: Rob

One of my Bridesmaids: Janice

Another of my Bridesmaids: Ocean

Our Flower Girls: Nicole and Josie

Our Ring Bearer: Joshua

The Whole Gang Together

Finally, here's a bit from the ceremony and the reception.

Josie trying to blow out the candles at the front of the church
(her birthday was two days before the wedding!)
You can just barely see Nicole in the background

Joshua our Ring Bearer

"The Kiss" - Our first one as husband and wife

The Grand Enterance into the Reception

The Cake

The First Dance

The Rings

The Two Brides (Amy and Christine) with Janice in the middle
(Amy got married a few months earlier that year)

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