Rough Forged


A pile of barely hammered out pieces.
Too good for the scrap pile (??)
- but too rough to be considered finished work!

This is kind of a 'fast annex' to the main Wareham Forge site. Over there I take a fair amount of care (believe it or not) to create clean but effective visual designs - and most importantly to keep the information clear and accurate.

OVER HERE on the other hand...

All your Base are belong to US...

I wanted a place where I could slap up something on to the web that was a lot more 'fast and dirty'. A place for things like course handouts and general research notes. I often find I'm writing out page long e-mails as responces to various questions, both historical and technical. None of that stuff is complete enough to be a separate article on its own, but it seems a shame to spend all that time and then only have it useful to a single person - lost in the ether as it were.

I'm also an opinionated bastard - hardly news to those who know me. The internet certainly represents the ultimate in 'vanity press'!

Thanks to Geocities (and at the cost of a wee bit of advertizing) I can get something up on this separate site with about five minutes work. Expect less perfect phrasing and more like my usual count of spelling mistakes. The format over here will be little more than bald text 'drag and dropped' into format for the Web, with each individual text as a separate 'sheet' off this introduction page. Each piece will be identified by topic and posting date. The earliest pieces will sit towards the bottom, with newer materials added to the the top.

Be mystified, amazed and / or amused...

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Vikings - North Atlantic Saga
A review by Eve Harris

A very good report on the exhibit by this amateur re-enactor - September 2002
used with the permission of the author

On Buying an Anvil

Some information on what to look for - September 2002

Some basic notes on Blacksmithing

Tools, Safety, Soures - September 2002

Some observations of causality and effectiveness, or

"Aspects of the Law according to Sod"

(by Kim Siddorn)

posted 2/26/02

Iron Smelting in the Viking Age

Lecture Notes - January 2002



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