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He is MY Baby too!

A Father's Grief Story:

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Why can't people realise that he is my baby too?
I am so glad that they ask me how my wife and children are coping.
But, why can't they acknowledge that I hurt too?

He is MY baby too! No one appears to realise that I may be just the father,
but I am grieving for my son too.

Then I have trouble with these thoughts, for they are selfish. I am a man. I shouldn't be thinking of myself. It is my responsibility to take care of my wife
and my other 2 children. That is what is expected of me.

The implied message that I am receiving from all of these genuinely concerned people, is that I am to be the "strong one."
BUT, I don't want to be strong. I feel as if I am "breaking apart inside."
I have never known such pain before. I don't know whether I can be what everyone seems to expect me to be.

BUT, I must. My wife and my other children need me to be strong.

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