UPDATED: 12/31/08
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Jordan Trafford
Cameron Trafford

I have been Sand Drag racing since 1983.  I compete here in Maine with NEORVCA and currently serve as Secretary on the board of directors and as the track photographer.
This site is dedicated to the sport of Sand Drag Racing, and of course my toys are a big part of it.
My current car, ChainReaction, is a 135" wheelbase sand drag buggy.
I run a relatively mild 180 horse Mazda 12a Rotary power plant in the 638# car.

I have run a best of 4.84 seconds at 69.87 mph with 1.802 60' time
y goal is to eventually retake the C pro-buggy national record that Jon Sorg holds with this car @3.93 seconds at 79.96 mph. Check out the Chain Reaction details page link above to see more about the car and current race stats. To date, my little unorthodox concoction has won 3 races.
Our racing association has a web site with schedule, rules, etc.
North-East Off-Road Vehicle Competition Association

Darryl Trafford ~ Limington, Maine ~ 207-637-2020
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NEORVCA photos 2002 season
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