Where's Marcus?
You remember Marcus, from Morris Day & The Time. Morris Day may have had top billing, but Marcus was the whole damn show! He even came before Jerome, remember? "Marcus...... and now Jerome....... Yeeeeeeeeeessss!"
Well, I just heard a recent edition of "Jungle Love" from the 1984 album "Ice Cream Castle", and boy was I pissed! Instead of,
"Marcus....... and now Jerome", Morris says, "Jesse...... and now Jerome". Who the hell is Jesse? Where did he come from? Did I wake up in an alternate universe? Then it dawned on me! The green-eyed monster finally took a massive bite out of Mr. Day and Jerome. They were so jealous of Marcus, they took him out of the song. Then, using state-of-the-art special effects technology, courtesy of George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch, put Jesse in his place. That is so wrong! I'm afraid to rent "Purple Rain" now, in fear of seeing a computer-generated Jesse instead of the great Marcus! With this conspiracy exposed, only one question remains..... Where's Marcus? Was he shot into space by the CIA? Did the mob take him "fishing"? We may never know. Jesse may be latest craze, but Marcus will always be remembered in our souls, as the HEART of The Time....
Is Marcus still getting his fair share of the royalties?
Amelia Earhart
Jimmy Hoffa
Who's Jesse?
The conspirators?
Can you save Marcus? Someone tell me where there hell Jesse came from! E-mail me!