LK: It's always great to welcome Darth Bocca to LARRY KING LIVE.

DB: The dawn of a new era is upon you.

LK: I'll ask about the other one, which I mixed up the names, and also about Los Angeles, too, which is lying. What would a genius like you do? Tell me about DBE.

DB: DBE isn't just a corporation, it's an entity. It's a force that drives the living into many different dimensions. If Los Angeles is mixed up, it shouldn't lie. I have spoken.

LK: The Backstreet Boys suck!

DB: That is correct.

LK: I've had dogs -- doesn't make sense.  So if it doesn't make sense to you, you're supposed to reject it. What is the DBWA?

DB: The DBWA is a new form of sports entertainment. It's roster includes some of the best talent the world has ever seen.

LK: Don't go away. When we come back, we're going to talk about Elian Gonzalez, we're going to talk about capital punishment and DNA.

DB: Huh?

LK: We'll be right back.


LK: Setauket, New York, hello.

CALLER: Hello, Larry.  Hello, Mr. Bocca.

DB: Worship me.

CALLER: As you wish, my lord.

LK: Next caller. Toledo, Ohio, hello.

CALLER: Hello, Darth. I just wanted to say that my father-in-law and I love "Saturday Night Gebo"!

DB: Toledo.

LK: Next week on LARRY KING LIVE, Burt Reynolds will be among the guests, John Tesh.  Jeff Greenfield will be hosting a show with Don Imus.  Lots of political coverage with primaries on Tuesday night in Michigan and Arizona. Don't forget: CNN complete coverage tomorrow night of the South Carolina primary.

DB: Call me when Morris Day is on. We have some unfinished business to discuss.

LK: Whatever happened to Marcus? He was the whole group.

DB: That's what I want to know.

LK: Stay tuned for CNN NEWSSTAND and complete coverage tomorrow of that big primary in South Carolina. I am Larry King in New York.  For Darth Bocca and all the rest of us, have a great weekend and good night.
LARRY KING LIVE (Transcript Segment)
Special Guest:
Darth Bocca
Marcus, NOT Jesse!!!