There once was a vagrant who liked to eat red peppers. One winter, she slipped on a patch of ice in front of a Japanese restaurant. While unconsious, she dreamed of a fierce battle between two warriors. When she came to, she was assisted to her feet by the restaurant dishwasher. This gave her an idea. After suing the restaurant owner, she created "Dishwasher Stadium"!
The Challenger:
A pastor from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He's been washing dishes for 36 years.
"At my church, I always wash the dishes."
Will divine intervention lead him to victory?
"I won't pray for something so silly."
The challenger has chosen Iron Dishwasher Kenya.
This Iron Dishwasher says mud is her secret weapon.
"Mud is my secret weapon."
Hailing from the Isle of Kenya, Iron Dishwasher Kenya is from Kenya.
"I'm from Kenya."
Who will reign supreme?
Today's Iron Dishwashing theme is: BRILLO
The judges for today are:
Actress Tyne Daly
The Head
Former DBWA Champ Rupert Sven
Fortune Teller Azmarelda Futon