Where's Mellin?
The Brat Pack was a term coined to represent a group of young actors who appeared together in two successful films of the mid-1980s. These films, "The Breakfast Club" and "St. Elmo's Fire", made the nine actors who make up the Brat Pack stars, if only for a while.... WAIT! Did they say "nine actors"?
Whatever happened to Mellin, the "human shoe"?
You remember Mellin. He WAS the Brat Pack! I remember all the mega-Mellin fans, wearing their yellow wrench T-shirts, and shouting "OLGA". But why was the main man Mellin cut from all the video re-releases, and movie posters. Well, I'm here to save the day! Unlike the Marcus Conspiracy, I have unshakable evidence of the existence of the legendary "human shoe".
See my original movie posters, and bask in the glory which is Mellin.
Who are the conspirators?
Morris Day:
Mellin and Marcus were tight in the 80's.
They even planned to open a bank together. Could Morris be that jealous?
Mellin receives no royalties!
This Asian Guy:
He calls them crumpets.