Update - 05/12/03 -

-- Guestbook is now working! So sign your name, share some opinions, ask for my phone number (girls only) and tell the Darthster what'cha think! My vision is to use the guestbook as a messageboard, have the Guestbook Entries as posts. But hey, that's just my crazy idea, so you don't have to take my word for it!

-- Computer problems at home are forcing me to make this update from work! As SOON as the computer is fixed, I'll be posting "What a Week: My RAW and SmackDown! Experience" which will detail one of the best weeks of my life! So look for it soon, and keep visting; Things may yet work-out!

Update - 04/21/03 -

-- Updated the
Unholy Trinity 2002 section with a NEW poster for the event! Can you tell I was having fun with Paint Shop today??

-- As you have read above, I now have a 30 day Paint Shop 7.04 trial, so look for new pictures, posters, etc. coming SOON!

Update - 04/11/03 -

-- FINALLY finished the
Metroid Prime Review. Took a little doin', but I got it done!

UnHoly Trinity 2002 - THE premier wrestling event of 2002! Find out what went dowon online! So far I have the wrestler Profiles, but look for a Smarkside Review sometime SOON!

Pictures added to UnHoly Trinity 2002 site.

Update -  04/07/03 -

Welcome to the new site! I'm taking the third or fourth swing at this "Web-Design" thing, but I'd like to thank everyone for sticking with me on this! I think this incarnation of the site will be the best EVER, and I hope everyone enjoys it. I'll be adding new news, links, sections, and NEW columns, reviews, rants, etc. So kick back and have fun scrollin' darthy2j.com!

-- So far only
Links work, but check it out! It's Link-a-riffic!






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