A Simple Buddhists View, by Dorje Naljorma, Orgyen Yangzom

By letting go of everything that is false, then what is true will arise of its own accord, being completly free of any fabrication.

Reality is NOT a state of mind!!! It JUST is...


Welcome, my name is Orgyen Yangzom, just a simple Female Buddhist yogini/teacher and this is my thesis and views on Awakening within the 'three scopes' of the Buddhas teachings. The small scope introduces the law of 'Karma', and how to improve ones worldly existance. The Medium scope introduces 'Nirvana', freedom or liberation from worldly existance and suffering. And the Great scope introduces compassion and attaining Buddhahood to work for the liberation and benefit of all beings. This is a work in progress.

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The purpose of this site is for the benefit of all minds. None of this is possible without the blessings of the Guru (the Ultimate Truth) and all those who have taught me, been my parents and family and all beings who since beginningless time have benefited me in some way, including the sponsors of this website. So this is just the start of paying back the great kindness of infinite beings throughout existance, and so I dedicate any virtue or merit from this to the Awakening and end of suffering of all beings. May all live with never ending peace and contentment. My deepest love, Orgyan Yangzom

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