Vonnie is the wee girl in chat Avenue. At 4ft 7inches she is by far the smallest in the room but to make up for the lack of height she has a BIG bust. Her icon in the room is true to life....lol
One of the things that chat avenue doesnt pick up on about Vonnie is her personality.She is the most cheerfull and playfull person in the room but she has a temper like a tiger,so dont cross her or she`ll bite hard and fast. She does take everything to heart and although she can take a joke and dish them out too, she doesnt tolerate people being cruel or mean to her or anyone else
This is Vonnie as toto  in the wizard of Oz and above you can see her as an angel, when she dressed up for work on a charity weekend.
The picture on the right is of Vonnie  when she was a baby...hard to believe they had cameras at that point....lol
  At 39 now she is a lot older but no wiser cause she picked Dave as her husband.
Here we see Vonnie in just a wee nappy...lol with her sisters Vonnie is the wee blonde at the end.
Vonnie had this pic taken when her dad was in hospital a few years ago.
Here is Vonnie as a teenager, happy as she hasn`t met Dave yet...lol