About Dave
Well im Dave or as im known in the room Puppy Soup. The reason for the name is rather unusual. I knew a lady who was a native American (an indian). We used to talk for ages to each other on the mic and one evening we were discussing food.She told me that the American people used to think that Native Americans ate Dogs. We started making up dishes with a doggy type name....hotdogs etc but one dish stuck in my head...puppy soup. It was a joke between us at first but i began to use it on the pc as my name and it stuck.....
Puppy Soup
8 oz Onions - chopped
1 pint stock
2 0z Carrots
2 oz Parsley
1 puppy (boned and chopped)
Place all the ingredients in a pot and boil until the puppy is soft and the van comes to take you to the little room with rubber wallpaper and doctors...lol