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Catherine SakaiSakai
Species: Human
Age: unknown
Planetary Surveyor

[played by Julia Nickson]

A Buddhist who was born in Alaska, but moved to Hong Kong with her mother following her parents' divorce, beginning a long running on-off relationship with Jeffrey Sinclair, starting when they were at college and going as far as to live together for a year, during which time she became well versed in the works of Tennyson.

From there they seemed to go into a cycle of spending a short while together followed by two or three years of separation while the other had a different partner, then meeting again, talking about old times, family, spending the night together and then one of them leaving in what Sinclair described as "three parts passion, two parts tease". The couple could never agree on anything, Catherine always thinking of Sinclair in the summer while he thought about her in the fall, she thought Sinclair worried too much while he thought she did not worry enough; a perfect combination according to Catherine Sakai.

Following the Earth-Minbari War, in which she served as an Earth Force officer and pilot, Sakai purchased the survey ship Skydancer, taking up a career as a freelance planetary surveyor.

When she again met Jeffrey Sinclair in 2258, after coming to Babylon 5 with the results of a survey mission, they agreed to give the relationship one last try and this time things seemed to be going well, Catherine using Babylon 5 as a base of operations for her survey missions, including a survey of the planet Sigma 957 for Universal Terraform during which she was almost killed after a Walker knocked her from orbit after ignoring a warning from G'Kar but was rescued by a Narn Frazi class fighter piloted by G'Drog.

By the end of the year they were still together, at which point Jeffrey Sinclair finally proposed to her, later announcing the engagement to Michael Garibaldi and Susan Ivanova who were delighted when requested to be best man and maid of honor respectively. Circumstance was almost to force a return to their tradition of splitting up however, for within a few days Sinclair was recalled to Earthdome and ultimately reassigned to Minbar as the Earth Alliance Ambassador.


Walker Smithwsmith
Species: Human
Age: unknown


[played by Greg McKinney]
A former SportCorp boxer and long time friend of Michael Garibaldi whom he met in Fortune City after the security officer had used a shock stick on him during a drunken fight, starting what Smith described as "a beautiful friendship". Smith had fought in many fights around the Earth Alliance, before returning to Earth to a SportCorp arranged fight with Itagi which was to become known as "World War IV" and provide Smith with a shot at the title. Unfortunately for Smith, SportCorp had invested money in the title holder, Fosaro, and told Smith to "retire" for a few years, tampering with his blood tests to make it appear that he was abusing adrenals when he refused.

Stripped of his boxing license Smith resorted to illegal fights for two years until he arrived on Babylon 5 in 2258 intending to win back his title shot by fighting in the Mutai, the first human to do so. Initially rejected as a competitor by the Muta-Do for being disrespectful he was tutored by a former Mutari known as Caliban on how to make a proper challenge, surviving to fight in the final against Gyor, and although the fight was declared a draw gained enough publicity to get the title fight he desired.


Brother TheoTheo
Species: Human
Age: Unknown

[played by Louis Turenne]
A Dominican monk and former chess instructor to Leo Mueller, from New Mallory who, with twelve of his brothers, came to Babylon 5 at the behest of Archbishop Francis to investigate the lives and religions of the various alien races on the station in an attempt to "learn all the names of God from our non-human brothers".

They were carefully selected with specialists in numerous disciplines, including computer research, biogenetics, physics, engineering and chemistry, skills that they intended to sell as a service to defray the costs of their stay on Babylon 5, which they expected to be 40-50 years! These services were to prove useful when they were enlisted by Susan Ivanova to help scan the security surveillance tapes for the identity of a bomber operating on the station, successfully identifying him as Robert Carlson.


Senator HidoshiHidoshi
Species: Human
Age: unknown
EarthGov Senator

[played by Aki Aleong]
The grandson of a dock worker and a former EarthGov Senator who acted as Earthdome's liaison to Babylon 5 during 2258 until he lost his seat on the Senate. Hidoshi ordered Jeffrey Sinclair to return Jha'dur to Earth immediately and find a quick solution to the Dockworkers' Guild strikes fearing that the Rush Act would be invoked, but was pleased with Sinclair's eventual solution, although others in the EarthGov Senate were less impressed.


Lady Morellamorella
Species: Centauri
Third Wife of Emperor Turhan

[played by Majel Barrett] 

The third wife and widow of Centauri Emperor Turhan, also a Prophetess and Seer in accordance with Centauri belief she had taken on the role of speaking for the spirit of Emperor Turhan.

She was invited to Babylon 5 by Londo Mollari ostensibly to tour the facilities and see how the Earth-Centauri Non-aggression Pact was working, but really so that she might reveal his future. After numerous assurances to her security had been given by Londo Mollari she agreed to visit en-route from a good-will tour of Ragesh 9.

She eventually confirmed Londo's dream, but informed him that he had just three remaining chances to avoid the fiery future that awaits him at the end of his journey, having already missed two others.

"You must save the eye that cannot see. You must not kill the one who is already dead. And if all else fails, you must surrender yourself to your greatest fear, knowing that it will destroy you".

She  then dropped a bombshell by announcing that Vir Cotto would also be the Centauri Emperor. When challenged by Londo that they both could not be emperor, she stated, with an egnimatic smile that
"one of you will be emperor after the other is dead".


Adira TyreeAdira
Species: Centauri
Age: Unknown
Slave Girl

[played by Fabiana Udenio]
A Centauri dancer originally from Davo who was indentured to Trakis as a slave. Under his orders she gained employment at the Dark Star to meet, and subsequently seduce, Londo Mollari to gain access to his purple files for blackmail purposes by Trakis. Instead the two Centauri fell in love, causing her to attempt to double cross Trakis only to be caught by her master. She was eventually freed when Trakis was detained while trying to sell the purple files to Ambassador G'Kar, and her freedom was made a condition of Trakis' own release. While Londo begged her to stay she decided that their wounds were too fresh, and that she wished to see Davo again, as a free woman, but would eventually return.

Unfortunately, when she did decide to return over two years later she was poisoned by an agent of Morden's, who then successfully used her death to manipulate a distraught Londo Mollari into reaffirming his allegiance with the Shadows, although the pair were briefly reunited for a single night during the Brakiri "Day of the Dead".


Officer Lou WelchWelch
Species: Human
Age: unknown
Security Officer

[played by David J Crowley]

A security officer on Babylon 5 from when it became operational in 2256 who responded to a question of whether he liked working on Babylon 5 with the answer "it's better than a kick in the teeth".

He had a lot of respect for Michael Garibaldi, and after arresting his would be assassin, Jack, received an unofficial commendation for his enthusiasm from John Sheridan after offering to have the suspect beaten up before he was thrown into the station's brig. He was also instrumental in convincing Michael Garibaldi that he should return to his position of Chief of Security, explaining that things were not the same, and more importantly that there was a celebratory cake that he was resisting the temptation to eat until he returned to duty.

As a reward for his loyalty Lou Welch worked as Garibaldi's aide during 2259 until his replacement by Zack Allen.


The Three Wives of Londo Mollari
Timov, Daggair and Mariel
"Famine, Pestilence and Death"

Timov Mollaritimov

The daughter of Alghul, leader of a great Centauri house and one of Londo Mollari's three wives since 2239, whom he nicknamed "Famine" and believed that the reason their marriage was successful was their "lack of communication". Unlike his other two wives, she had little interest in politics or social climbing, and did not even pretend to love her husband, even when threatened with divorce. Londo and Timov share the same blood type, and she only agreed to save Londo's life via a transfusion if Dr.Franklin did not tell Londo where the blood had come from, saving her his "false gratitude".

It was probably her honesty that made Londo decide to keep her as his wife when Emperor Turhan granted him the privilege of divorcing two of his three wives - she told him that she could never love him, but only tolerate him.

[Played by Jane Carr]


Daggair Mollaridaggair

One of Londo Mollari's three wives and the daughter of a great Centauri house, whom he nicknamed "Pestilence" for her habit of playing the loyal and dutiful wife while using his name for her own social-climbing. Londo divorced her in 2259 after being given permission to do so by the Emperor Turhan as a gift for the 30th Anniversary of his Ascension as she is a schemer who leaves Londo Mollari unsure of where he stands, although she was willing to do anything to keep her title and share of his money.

[Played by Lois Nettleson]


Mariel Mollarimariel

The youngest of Londo Mollari's three wives, whom he  rather appropriately nicknamed "Death", who he divorced in 2259 after being given permission to do so by the Emperor Turhan as a gift for the 30th Anniversary of his Ascension. Attracted to men of power "like moths are to light", but unlike the moths, she burned the men as shown by her willingness to cheat on Londo, even scheming with G'Kar to have him killed, claiming that she was a giving, passionate wife ,shortly before presenting her husband with a Narn booby trap disguised as a Centauri artifact which almost cost Londo his life.

[Played by Blair Valk]

Species: unknown
Age: 110 years

[played by Tim Choate]

One of ten alien brothers who inhabit Epsilon 3, along with Draal and a few others, and help maintain the Great Machine buried there.

All are called "Zathras", although a subtle nuance of pronunciation, essentially undetectable to the human ear, sets them apart. The quietest of the bothers mysteriously appeared on Babylon 4 to aid in stealing the station for use as a base of operations in the last Shadow War.

At one hundred and ten years old Zathras was the oldest living caretaker of the Great Machine and claimed to know many of its secrets, including some that even Draal had not managed to discover after two years as its custodian, although he is often considered mad he is quite intelligent, if somewhat clumsy and claiming to have no mathematical skill, and has grown accustomed to other opinions of him, even starting to like the latitude this allows him.

Despite his claimed lack of skill with mathematics, Zathras is highly skilled with electronics, repairing John Sheridan's damaged time stabilizer and correctly deducing that he could provide a temporary time fix by placing a spacesuit where John Sheridan had briefly appeared and using its power supply as a stabilizer.

Zathras appears to be quite forgetful, especially when convenient to be so, claiming to have forgotten the list of things that he had been told not to mention by Draal after accidentally revealing that there was such a list to John Sheridan and Jeffrey Sinclair.

He also seems to follow the Minbari tenet that "understanding is not required, only obedience", agreeing to Jeffrey Sinclair's request not to tell his past self about the future, even though he did not understand why this should be required.

Zathras is dedicated to serving The One, and when captured by Major Lewis Krantz explained that he was quite prepared to die for The One, who was their leader and needed the station for a great war between the forces of Light and Dark, but could not explain when this was to occur as mathematics was not one of his skills and as such he could not convert his year of 4993 into a human year.

As a result of his devotion to 'The One' Zathras is also aware of much of the circumstances surrounding The One, including events that have yet to transpire. Explaining the relationship between Jeffrey Sinclair, Delenn and John Sheridan as "the one who was", "the one who is" and "the one who will be" and the recurrence of the number three in Minbari culture. He then went on to say that they were also the beginning, the middle and the end of the story that creates the next, Great Story.

Ultimately Zathras was to accompany Jeffrey Sinclair, The One who was, back 1000 years into the past aboard Babylon 4 where they were to unite and lead the Minbari forces against the Shadows.

Another of the brothers was encountered by a startled Susan Ivanova while she was visiting the Great Machine to arrange for a power source to enable the broadband transmission of the Voice of the Resistance over the StellarCom system. This was something that Babylon 5 alone did not have the necessary power to accomplish.