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March 23rd, 2000
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David M. Williams

M U S T   I   G O ?

By Henk Frijters

I.  Introduction

    A.  There are many reasons Christians give for not being
        involved in evangelism

        1.  Some involve our own concern about ourselves

            a)  I don't want to be embarrassed
            b)  I'm afraid my knowledge isn't good enough
            c)  I'm not a good talker and might get tongue-tied

        2.  Others involve our concern about other things

            a)  I don't have enough time.
            b)  I work too hard and am too tired most of the time
            c)  I am too busy because of my responsibilities

        3.  Some really show our lack of understanding

            a)  The lost really don't need me to go talk to them
            b)  I wouldn't want to proselyte out of other religions.
            c)  I hate to upset people who feel so good about their

    B.  If we ever have thought in this way, we might need to ask
        ourselves why these excuses come so readily to our minds.

        1.  Jesus explained why the word would never bear fruit in some
            people's lives.

            a)  (Matt 13:18-22) Several were unfruitful in his parable
            b)  (V.21) Some were not well rooted in themselves -- they had
                no strength of character to stand against difficulties and
                trials -- Likewise, we may not go tell others about
                Christ because we are afraid of difficulty or hardship.
            c)  (V.22) Others were too taken with worldly cares to spend
                time in spiritual work -- the word was choked out of their
                lives -- Likewise, we may let other concerns keep us from
                our work
            d)  (V.19) Some didn't understand what they had learned
                -- Likewise, ignorance may keep some of us from our work

        2.  Do you suppose He accepts the excuses we might offer?

            a)  Without root in ourselves, we can be rooted in Him (Col 2:6-7)
            b)  If we have cares, we can cast them on Him (I Pet 5:7)
            c)  If we are ignorant, we can learn from Him (Tit 2:11-14)

    C.  We need to see WHY we must go

        1.  We must recognize the terrible fate of the lost

            -- ETERNAL separation from God (Matt 25:46)
            -- VENGEANCE of God (II Thess 1:7-9)
            -- FEARFUL thing (Heb 10:31)
            -- UNSPEAKABLE torments (Luk 16:23-4)

        2.  We must know the lack of benefit in human ideas in salvation

            -- Man's ways are not God's ways (Isa 55:8)
            -- Man's traditions will not please God (Matt 15:9)
            -- Promises of salvation on man's terms will not save anyone
               when it is God that justifies, that saves.
            -- Men trusting in Human beliefs and promises cannot stand,
               no matter how sure they may seem and feel.

        3.  We must think of the spiritual need around us and be

    D.  To focus our minds on these things, we ask the question, "Must
        I Go?"


     A.  MUST ... Why would it be an IMPERATIVE thing?

         1.  (Matt 28:18) Because Christ commanded it, and He speaks
             with authority.

             a)  (Matt 28:19-20) And He commanded His disciples to go
             b)  What must we OBSERVE when being taught to obey Christ?
                 Wouldn't it include an obligation to go teach others?
             c)  (Matt 9:37-8) Jesus sees the world as a harvest field.

         2.  Because Jesus showed how important it is.

             a)  He gave His life and shed His blood to cleanse us
                 from sin (Matt 26:28) Blood shed for remission (Luk 24:47)
                 Repentance and Remission must be preached (Acts 20:28)
                 He purchased the church with shed blood -- Why did He
                 willingly suffer so much if it doesn't matter?

             b)  He left us an example (Jn 9:4-5) He worked while He was
                 here, showed us how to labor with an urgent mission

             c)  He said by His life and actions -- THIS IS IMPORTANT

         3.  Because our own spiritual survival depends on it.
             Think about this:  What is the alternative to fruitfulness?

             a)  (Jn 15:2,6) Taken away, cast away, burned
             b)  (II Pet 1:8-9) Blind, forgetful, useless
             c)  If we're not reaching others, we're slipping ourselves

     B.  I ... Why is it a PERSONAL responsibility?

         1.  Christianity is an intensely PERSONAL faith

             a)  (Matt 10:29-31) He knows every one of us -- hairs of
                 head are numbered.
             b)  Each one of us has personal responsibility that cannot
                 be discharged in any way but the right way.

                 1)  We can't expect it to go away by neglecting it
                 2)  We can't pay someone else to do it for us
                 3)  We can't expect someone else to do it for us

         2.  MY responsibility is uniquely my own.

             a)  No one has the same influence I have
             b)  No one knows exactly the same people I do
             c)  No one has exactly the same opportunities I have

         3.  God is going to consider PERSONAL responsibility in

             a)  (II Cor. 5:10) EVERY ONE rec' things done in HIS BODY
             b)  (Matt 25:41-43) Ye fed me not...etc.
             c)  PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY will be considered there beyond

     C.  GO ... Is there some GOING I must do?

         1.  Some people think that as long as they come to church
             regularly they have done all the GOING that is required of

         2.  But a lot of people need you to GO to help them because
             they can't GO themselves.

             a)  When my toe was cut so badly that I couldn't even put it
                 on the floor -- I couldn't go -- but members came to me
                 and helped me every way they could.
             b)  When you're laid up in the hospital you can't GO to see
                 others but then you need them to come and see you.
             c)  When you're lost and separated from God you may not be
                 trying to go toward God -- you may not even know you
                 need Him.  Someone will need to come to you.

         3.  Many illustrations are found of this

             a)  The shepherd leaves the 99 sheep and GOES out searching
                 for the lost one
             b)  When the feast was prepared in the parable, the servants
                 were told to GO out into the streets to compel the lame
                 and blind to come in
             c)  The disciples were told to GO -- and so are we!

III.  Conclusion:

      A.  Must I go?  There should be no question!  If I would go to
          heaven, I must go!

      B.  Can I make excuses?  God will not hear any of our excuses.

      C.  Can I get someone else to go for me?  Not if I want to stand
          in judgement and give a PERSONAL account of my life.

      D.  If the word has come to you, are you obeying the Gospel now?


Dear friends, you will recall previous issues of the End-Times
Times, where I wrote about my missions trip to Belarus in
Eastern Europe.  God is at work in this country and I hope to
return soon.

The Lord has very much laid some areas for support upon my
heart, and these are the projects I am working towards.

In particular, I would like to take funds with me for the
purposes of buying food and clothing, for buying village
Churches (just $US 3000 can buy land, and provide for a Church
to be built!), and to support several Bible College students
(the fees at the Minsk Theological Institute, where I taught
on the Kingdom of God, are 400,000 rubles per month -- which
equates to about $US 4.00).

Won't you ask the Lord about being involved in His work in
this country?  Please do contract me should you be interested
in contributing.  Perhaps you would like to donate money
towards a Church, or to sponsor a student, or even towards
the purchase of food, clothing or books.

I am now able to accept credit card payments through a completely
secure internet site.  Please e-mail me for more details on this.

T H E   E N D - T I M E S   T I M E S             March 23rd, 2000

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