~The Missing People of Dawson's Creek~

People have come and gone from Dawson's Creek, but some of them have disapeared without trace, weird.

For example people were there in season 1 and then again in season 3, but what happened to them in season 2? This happened to:

Doug Witter - We saw him as the mean, harsh brother to Pacey in Season 1, only to see him pull a disapearing act in season 2, then with no explanation he re-appears as a reformed Douglas Witter in season 3, he so much nicer to Pacey now. What happened? Did he go away for a year into a 'be nice to your younger brother' camp? Who knows?

The same thing happened to Bodie Wells - We saw him in season 1, then again in season 3 but what about season 2? We do however get somekind of explanation in season from episode #314 - A Weekend in The Country. This is that he's away working. But where? Obviously as a chef somewhere. There are rumours that he was a chef on a cruise ship, but thats never entered the storyline.

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