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I created Day Trading Tutor over 6 years ago to help people fully understand what day trading is all about.

Even though you will soon be jumping into a vast sea of day trading training information, I have simplified it for you. Just choose your journey below:

The Short Journey (you lazy you!): Practice on a free live simulator and receive an e-book with a complete trading strategy (you can also receive this e-book by taking the long way - and check out the new practical trading webinars by Trader Abel).

The Long Journey (please pick this one; pretty please!): Start by reading the 7 steps to start day trading and then go to my site map and read everything else, including the sections on currency trading and the trading robot.

Forex Day Trading Robot

After reading through this site and practicing on the simulator, some of you will conclude that trading is not your thing. If this is the case, the trading robot is another option you may consider. The forex robot is like a day trader on auto pilot; an automated trading system that operates while the market is open. NEW: Get access to the trading robot once you open a day trading account with at least $5000 USD.

Free Training Online - Becoming a Day Trader

NEW! Professional day trader, Abel Gilbert, shows you how to become a forex day trader during his live, online training sessions. He'll also send you his proprietary trading indicators when you attend. Register for free.

Currency Day Trading

In the last few years many stock day traders have migrated from the well-known world of equities to the relatively unknown (but much larger) world of currencies. Currency trading (a.k.a. "forex trading"), in my opinion, is more advantageous than trading stocks and investors can start out with a lot less money.

Day Trading Simulator

To learn how to trade, you need a lot of practice. A live trading simulator like this one allows you to trade using live market prices without risking a dime. It's a great, free practice tool.

A Note on Day Trading

Please note that "day trading" means starting and ending the trading day with your account 100% in cash. This means not holding a position (long or short) until the next day. I explain why you shouldn't in Step 1 (important day trading facts) of the "7 Steps to Start Day Trading. The only exception to this rule is if you are trading a market like forex, where you might hold a position longer than a day because of the extended market hours.

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Forex Coaching Testimonial:
Paul T. graduated from our forex one-on-one coaching program on December 5th, 2008.

Day Trading Robot
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AWESOME SITE! I cannot tell you how much your site has helped me with my trading. And I'm glad I found you right about when I first started...I have done very well so far and large part of that success is due to your suggestions... Dean P. Read More...

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