Dark Kingdom Fanfiction

Ah yes, DK fics...the stuff that sustains the very essence of the soul.
Now, why don't you take a well-earned rest from Real Life and plunge into yet another world of Dark Kingdom fanfiction.

By out_there

Conflicting Convictions
The Shitennou each have a few turns at narrating this particular training session. Highly recommended.

Memories of a Soldier
I. First Impressions
II. Fireworks
III. Trivialities
Here, Kunzite and Zoisite's relationship back in the Silver Millennium is explored. And oh, the volatile dynamics involved...

By EnsignZoi


Memories of a Soldier, Continued:
Author's Notes
IV. Vows
V. Secrets
Different author, same story.

Kunzite wishes for the easy way out.

Fire Rekindled
Chapter 1 New!
Zoisite is reborn in 30th century Crystal Tokyo, without memories of his previous life. Of course, Kunzite wants him back, but the senshi want him too.


Darkness So Beautifully
A reflection of the Kingdom.

Fleeting Petals
Haiku that's not really about nature.

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