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AlulA She is a 25 years old girl, who lives in Aames, South California, where she lazily works as an archivist in the local public library. Shy, absent-minded and tiny, her head is always in the clouds, in her daydream world. Her biggest dream is to be a real California girl, with astonishing curves, so that she could easily dizzy every man and excite every women envoy, just to have crowds of males by her feets and fully satisfy her unspeakable sexual fantasies.



Posted by SaRenna Lee

The owner was nice enough to send me copies of the comics I (AlulA Be Bop) appear in. I do not have them for sale but I have a link to his site on sweetsamples or you can go to him directly and buy them. I think? They are really well made. Great paper stock, color. Magazines from over seas always seem to be of much better quality than those here in the US. They are of a very adult nature if you ask me but extremely entertaining! You can see me (AlulA Be Bop) on the rack and doing various naughty things with both genders!

Love, SaRenna Lee