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 Aquarians are often innovative thinkers with perception and goals. They tend to be the ones with the far reaching ideas. This sign (element air) thrives off of unique, strange, and down right bizarre experiences. No matter what you call them, Aquarians are never boring to be around.


Chinese Zodiac


People trust the Monkey and for good reason. They are steadfast in keeping secrets. They are able to empathize with others. They are very alert and can easily assess a situation. This personable nature keeps their social life buzzing and their calendar full.

Monkey's are dedicated and faithful to friends and loved ones. But, if someone hurts them, they are often willing to forgive but rarely able to forget. They are not ones to put themselves into a painful situation over and over again. Regaining their trust is an uphill climb.

Their memory is better than that of an elephants. They will never have to struggle for a name or number. They are ambitious climbers and nothing can get in the way of a determined Monkey.

The monkey loves life and loves sharing it with their partner. They have the ability to make people feel at home with them. As a partner, they are open, honest, and reliable. However, they must work on their problem of maintaining a commitment. Because they are not ones to put up with someone hurting them, they sometimes run before it happens. They need someone who can help relax them and put their mind at ease very early in a relationship.

Dragon and Rat

The Monkey always reacts quickly and smartly to anything that might happen in the workplace. Demands, stress, and deadlines are no sweat. They are great at learning new things and are extremely intelligent. Their flexibility and adaptability makes it difficult for them to fail.

ELEMENT : Earth 

COLOR :The monkey's white color stands for purity and maturity.

YIN :Yin qualities bring them peace and an ability to reflect.