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SAARLAND......heart of Europe, between Germany, Luxembourg and France but..

not even worth to be mentioned in the 

Microsoft Encarta. 

What a sin!!!

              fact sheet :(2001)

2.568,5 km ² (the hiking trail around SAARLAND is 270 km long)

1 066 000 citizen (is going down,4.120 last year)

foreigner: 7,5% (without "ex-Russian")

from them 40 % EU-foreigner (2002)

capital: Saarbrücken






"The people of Saarland exemplify how to be a good native of Saarland, a good German, a good European and a neighbour all at the same time."

Former Federal President

Richard von Weizsäcker, 1984



Maybe in the next dictionary the "Microsoft people" don´t forget the citizen of SAARLAND!!!

You should tell them on: microsoft  

about SAARLAND, so they can learn!!!