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        Coordinator for Anti-Lock-Braking-Systems (ABS), applications




         Senior Manager, responsible for Power Train Development. Launching of first

         Direct Injection Diesel

         Engine (TDI), Five-Valve-Tecnology for the Volkswagen Group. Start of






         In the period 1994 to 1997 Audi suceeded the break through to a premium brand,

         adding emotional  competence to traditional technical competence.

         Economic recovery with the launching of the A4.

         Introduction of the A3 as a new vehicle line.

         Come back-strategy USA.

         General focus on globalisation - decision for a plant in Curitiba, Brasil and

         positioning of Audi as the premium brand in China.

         More courage in design: new Audi A6, AudiTT Coupe e roadster and Audi A2.

         Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT).

          Volkswagen do Brasil is the largest private enterprise in South America and the

          center of the South American operations of the Volkswagen Group - with 5

          production plants in Brazil and two in Argen-

          tina, production actually 550.000 vehicles with 3.00 employees.

          Volkswagen do Brasil is the market leader in South America with 25% market

          share. After a steep vehicle market growth from 1993 to 1997, 1998 and 1999 the

          market reduced 20% each year. At the same time the number of competitors 

          producing locally increased from 5 to 13.  2001 the market volume is still 20%

          below 1997 and installed production capacity nearly doubled.

          In the timeframe 1998 to 2001 Volkswagen suceeded to keep South American

          market share stable in

          spite of fierce competition.

          Automotive industry lost roughly 5 Billion US$ (1998-2001) while VW suceeded to

          break even (cumulative  result slightly pink), investing more than ever to

          restructure plants and introduce world standard  products and quality standards

          after 15 years of low investment policy (more than 10 years joint venture with Ford

         -"Autolatina"- carrying separration/dissolution cash out of roughly 1 Billion R$


          Increase of international competitiveness, increasing exports from 17.000 vehicles

          in 1996 to 115.000 in 2000; export responds now for nearly 30% of our turnover -

          Volkswagen do Brasil became the forth largest export company in Brazil.

          Volkswagen do Brasil is concentrated to continuously increase its share of

           consumer's purchasing power consciously putting market leadership in Brasil at

           risk (Fiat sells over 100.000 Uno/year for less than $4.500, a segment of lowest

           entry cars not in line with VW-group-strategy).