Hightech protein


Hightech protein

Islands in the Net, a 1988 science fiction novel by Bruce Sterling, offers a view of an early 21st century world apparently peaceful with delocalised, networking corporations. The protagonist, swept up in events beyond her control, finds herself in the places off the net, from a datahaven in Grenada, to a Singapore under terrorist attack, to the poorest and most disaster-struck part of Africa.

In the story, the fictional book The Lawrence Doctrine and Postindustrial Insurgency, named for Lawrence of Arabia, is banned because it deals directly with methods and tactics of an insurgent rebellion.

Summary of the plot

The action takes place in 2023- 2025 on Galveston, Texas USA, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Grenada, an island in the north east coast of South America, Singapore and Africa. Protagonist Laura Webster, a mother of three months old Loretta, works as a public relations employee for global corporation of economic democrats Rizome. Stadt, die günstig zwischen dem Biotech-Hotspot München (Martinsried) und der Hightech-Region.

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