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           The GIRL
Angel. 15. Black haired. Brown eyed. Dating. Boyfriend. Aaron Carter. Nick Carter. Angel Carter. Shane West. Kirsten Dunst. Eliza Dushku. Cheerleading. Pink. Babyblue. Chrissi. Ashton. Hilary. Ashley. Sports. Movies. Lizzie McGuire. Friends. Harveys. Jack Astors. Tim Hortons. Chuck E Cheese LMAO. French Fries. Onion Rings. Bebe. Tommy Hilfiger. Shopping, muhaha. Talking On The Phone. Hanging Out. HMV, ETC.

           Right NOW
Eating: Chips
Drinking: Mountain Dew
Thinking: Hmmn wann kommt die E-Mail endlich an?
Hearing: That's What Girls Do - No Secrets
Last Talked To: Lissa on AIM
Plug: Angel-Carter.tk
To Do: Das Layout fertig machen. Ein Fanlisting fr A-C.tk machen. Fanfiction weiterschreiben. Ein paar Fanlistings beitreten.

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Hilary Christina Jenny Purple Power Cheerleader Nur Mit Dir Fanpage A-Carter.tk Angel-Carter Sili Aaron
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