The crew of MIR 1999-2007


Cadets 1999

This photo shows the 3rd watch (8-12 watch) of 1999 and was made in the port of Arhus.
1st row (officers) from the left:
Dima (doctor), Max (chief-mate), V. Zorokhov (master), Andrey (chief-trainings-mate), Zhenja (3rd mate)


Crew Impressions 



See some portraits of crew members in the Crew Archive:

  Viktor Antonov (master), Sergey Timoshkov (master) Yury Galkin (master)V. Zorokhov (master),

 Max (chief mate), Andrey (2nd mate), Zhenja (3rd Mate), Sasha (4th mate), Andrey (chief trainings mate), Andrey (3rd mate), Vasily (chief trainings mate), Valery (chief engineer)Anatoly (2nd engineer), Pasha (4th engineer), Nikolay (chief trainings mate), Gennady (Englishteacher)Sasha (radio mate), Gennady (teacher), Gennady (teacher), Oleg (teacher), Dima (doctor), Andrey (radio mate),

Andrey (motorman), Dima (able seaman)Sasha & Malhas (cooks)Irina & Raya (stewardesses)Kostja (chief bosun) Sergey (bosun), Alexey (bosun)Dima (able seaman),

Dima (savprod) Dima (steward),      
Maxim (podskiper), Leonid (sail master), Kirill (cook)Misha (motorman),
Zhenja (able seaman)Vlad (able seaman), Zhenja (motorman).
Natalie (trainee leader), Oleg (trainee leader)

Sailors' quotes
poem about seamen



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