With a little help from my friends ...

I couldn't have done a lot of things without a lot of helping hands.   Missing skills, absence of a private transport scheme (no car), things that need to be done with more than two hands at a time ... you name it: they were here and helped me.   So I think it is only fair to mention them.  If you feel left out that does not mean I have forgotten about your help, just that it has slipped my mind when I quickly added this page in the first place.  Feel free to give me a noogie and force me to include you on this page, okay?

All started with the selection of the house itself.   To do this I asked a couple of people to come with me and have a look - two pairs of eyes and two brains can spot more defects than one ecstatic buyer alone ...

Peter D.G. and Peter V.P. were there to help me out in this time of need.

Veerle and "Chicken" Having to places to live and work in was rather tedious as well.  Apart from that I needed some help getting rid of all the junk that needed to be thrown out.  The only way to do that is to bring it to the junkyard and sort it into the different containers. 

I was helped a lot by Henry E. and Bruno T. who allowed their trusty and rather spacious car to be used as a beast of burden without thinking twice about the dirt and dust they would acquire in the process.

After my big move I stayed at my old place for another couple of days and it was Carine D.S. who helped me move the last bits of furniture to the new house.  Thanks for that.

Further transports were effected by Veerle T. (seen with her trusty sidekick "Chicken"), who a.o. helped me get work materials and paint from the shop to my place.

The next big thing was breaking out the brick-o-rama in the living room: If it hadn't been for Ann L., I would never have had the guts to do this myself.  Thanks for kicking me back in line, girl!

And there was another good soul who helped me with the timbered bits of the brick-o-rama (not completely selfless since he got to keep the timber, but still I'm glad he could help me): Dieter D.

And another credit for Veerle T. who started me off on the un-sooting of the ex-chimney behind the brick-o-rama.

Ann L. wants to stay anonymous   after work: holding up a stick in the kitchen   Dieter C. cleaning off the dust with the fine brush
Wolfram and his glue bucket    Thomas, a good man with a glue brush Wallpapering proved to be a nice and easy job as I had two valuable helpers who travelled overland from the Netherlands to give me a hand: Thomas F. and Wolfram M., two university friends of old.
And yet another type of helping happened when Veerle T. came over again to help me wallpaper styrofoam papering to insulate the staircase walls from the cold.


Mixing glue has always been her specialty!

At some point it all turned into a fashion statement as we had to dress up anti-paint and glue to avoid too much dirt on the floors.   Have a look at the results.  First we have Veerle presenting some nice shoes fit for any important evening function made out of exclusive materials only available at fairly specialised stores:

And then here is me with a multifunctional hat with esthetic as well as functional design made out of insulation materials fit for walls and heads.

And we have yet more wallpapering with Veerle - she is becoming quite a pro - and so am I: we did the complete upper staircase in one weekend.  And let me tell you: it was not easy: not one single wall is straight or has no bits that need to be cut out from a large sheet of wallpaper. 

We did pretty well, considering ...

She loves mixing paint and glue.
more glue!cutting away on the wallpaper Another set of friends: Ann we have met before - she's the unbricking wizardess in front of the brick-o-rama some pictures up, and Marjoh N. had access to bits of wall that I never would have reached without surgical extension of my arms.  Thanks again to the two of them.   I really hope to be able to repay the services once start working on their own home.
Once more, Veerle gets the credit of being the woman of the day: it is amazing how she not only handles the sledge hammer, but all the fiddly bits are her forte too ...