LESSON PLAN #2                                                                                                           Date: 26th of March,2003, 28th of March                                    

                                                               name of student                                            semester

                                                                    Jutta Schulz                                                            6                                                             eb= exercise book, wb= workbook, (...)= time I need


Images of Ireland

Learners / Classroom teacher / School:

4th class/ 1st set/ Mrs. Monz/ HS Pfunds


Main aims:

-          Discussion about trip destinations in Ireland (LL should be able to do it)

-          Finding out, developing and “defend” arguments

Personal training focuses:

-          5 minutes silence

-          how to work on a project?

-          Involve all LL (some are more “silent” than others

Language focus:

Vocabulary: recipe “scones”

 (new vocabulary, revision of structure, awareness raising for new structure, contrasting usage, etc.)


Scones recipe (correct/ false), vocabulary for scones, objects



step/ time




procedure (what the teacher / learners do)

content of tasks / exercises       //      transitions (links)

intention / rationale / reason for choosing task,

interaction, material, etc.

comment (pre/post) / anticipated problems +

possible solution


1 (10)



Objects, bb, exercise book

-          Strange objects, LL have to look at, touch strange object

-          T: ”Think of as many ways you can use this object”, “Write the words down”

-          LL say their ideas

-          “You can use it + Gerund”, “You can use it as a + noun” (->bb), two sentences into exercise book

-          warm-up

-          vocabulary: freezer, deep- freezer (Tiefkühltruhe)

2 (15)




-          textbook p. 94, LL read task

-          three people in book -> three groups

-          each: arguments why you prefer this or that holiday: first individual work, then discuss in group

-          discussion

-          developing speaking skill (discussion about likes and dislikes)

-          vocabulary: terrific: großartig, coach: Busreise, hire: mieten

3 (10)



Textbook, CD

-          listening p. 97

-          first listening: each group finds out + and – for the person they represent

-          second listening: LL check if answers are correct, hat is the compromise they finally agree on?

-          Developing listening skill, listening for special information

-          Compromise: holiday on a canal boat, explain: recipe, cookies

4 (15)



Scones recipe, vocab sheets

-          LL read recipe

-          LL write German translation on their recipe sheet from vocab sheets (German, English, sentence)

-          LL get to know how English recipes are structured



1 (5)

R, V


Scones sheets (+ mistakes)

-          LL get sheets with scones recipe, but with mistakes

-          LL find the mistakes

-          Warm- up, revision of last lesson


2 (10)



Vocab book

-          LL write new vocab into vocab book

-          revision of vocab


3 (15)

S,V, Pr



-          homework: each group gives a first impression of the work they’ve done in thier project

-          to get a first impression how LL work on project


4 (20)




-          T tells LL what they have to do: one writer in group,

-          LL should look at the collected ideas and find out an introduction for the site in the internet about the topic

-          Start the writing work for project, LL can collect first ideas and check spelling, sentence structure…

-          T gives help: write sentence beginnings on bb

Individual / (changing) Pairs / Groups of 4 / Class / Teacher // I-T / P…/T-C / etc.      //    Listening / Reading / Speaking / Writing / Vocabulary / Grammar // L+R / S+W/ etc.

role cards / activity cards / pictures / flash cards / posters / notebooks / blackboard / OHP / textbook ex.3, p.15+tape/ etc.