LESSON PLAN #4                                                                                                           Date: 7th of April,2003- 11th of April                                       

                                                               name of student                                            semester

                                                                    Jutta Schulz                                                            6                                                             eb= exercise book, wb= workbook, (...)= time I need


Images of Ireland, my own advertisement of Ireland

Learners / Classroom teacher / School:

4th class/ 1st set/ Mrs. Monz/ HS Pfunds


Main aims:

-          Writing an advertisement about Ireland (LL make use of vocab, LL study the outline of an advertisement…)

-          Be able to use “Reported Speech”

-          Evaluating a discussion, LL should be able to take part in an English discussion

Personal training focuses:

-          English only (quality of English)

-          Feeling for the level/feeling for the speed

Language focus:

Vocab: necessary words for advertisement

 (new vocabulary, revision of structure, awareness raising for new structure, contrasting usage, etc.)


Game “Reported Speech”, statements, vocab sheet, word quiz, wordsearch, questions



step/ time




procedure (what the teacher / learners do)

content of tasks / exercises       //      transitions (links)

intention / rationale / reason for choosing task,

interaction, material, etc.

comment (pre/post) / anticipated problems +

possible solution


1 (20)


4 groups

4 games, 4 dices, coins

-          LL play the « Reported Speech » game

-          LL read the instructions and the grammar rules again

-          Fun with “Reported Speech”


2 (5)




-          Hangman: advertisement

-          Introducing topic!


3 (10)


Groups of 3


-          Groups of 3: get statements, discuss if they’re right or wrong

-          together

-          speaking

-          help on bb: how to discuss…

4 (10)



Vocab sheet

-          LL get vocab sheet to get to know new vocab



5 (5)

S, V, G

Whole group

4 adverts

-          discussion: 4 advertisements (important points: layout, vocabs used, pictures, tone of sentences…)

-          again: discussion


2 (5)

L, S



-          T writes necessary vocabs (for writing an advertisement on bb) explains them

-          help for  LL to write own advert






Word quiz sheet

-          word quiz: advertisement

-          warm-up


2 (10)

V, W


Sheet puzzlemaker two

-          writing task one:

-          LL get a sheet: description of layout of advertisement, only a cluster

-          LL have to fill in necessary information -> basis of their own writing

-          Everyone should know hoe to write his or her own advertisement

-          Slower LL without ideas: help them, show other pictures from different products

3 (10)




-          LL try to answer the questions about adverts in pairs



4 (15 – 20)

W, V, G


Vocabsheet, exercise book

-          writing task two:

-          LL write own advertisement with help of vocabsheet

-          T collects advertisements

-          individual work, LL (even slower and “difficult” LL) can show their creativity

-          Help of teacher, especially for slower LL

-          T asks LL about their reflection on own language learning

-          Faster LL: another sheet from puzzlemaker, LL fill in words

5 (…)

S, V

I, P, G


-          Time left (could be a lead-in activity or at any other stage of lesson): pantomime: commercials on TV, wordsearch

-          fun, after a step in which they had to concentrate a lot

-          discipline!





-          Messe!










Individual / (changing) Pairs / Groups of 4 / Class / Teacher // I-T / P…/T-C / etc.      //    Listening / Reading / Speaking / Writing / Vocabulary / Grammar // L+R / S+W/ etc.

role cards / activity cards / pictures / flash cards / posters / notebooks / blackboard / OHP / textbook ex.3, p.15+tape/ etc.