LESSON PLAN #1                                                                                                           Date: 25th of March,2003                                      

                                                               name of student                                            semester

                                                                    Jutta Schulz                                                            6                                                             eb= exercise book, wb= workbook, (...)= time I need


Images of Ireland

Learners / Classroom teacher / School:

4th class/ 1st set/ Mrs. Monz/ HS Pfunds


Main aims:

-          Talking about the types of holidays in Ireland

-          LL should understand what they have to in the project work!!!

Personal training focuses:

-          Getting to know each other

-          Names of LL

-          Establish classroom routines/ rules in classroom (teacher as authority)

Language focus:

Ireland and the types of holidays that are possible there, discussion

 (new vocabulary, revision of structure, awareness raising for new structure, contrasting usage, etc.)


Sheets with words (to introduce themselves), sheets with internet addresses


step/ time




procedure (what the teacher / learners do)

content of tasks / exercises       //      transitions (links)

intention / rationale / reason for choosing task,

interaction, material, etc.

comment (pre/post) / anticipated problems +

possible solution

1 (30)



Bb, tests

-          Verbesserung Schularbeit Nr.4



2 (7)




-          In circle, every LL tells something about the neighbour (-> words from sheet)

-          Lead- in activity, getting to know each other


3 (5)

S, G

T-C, P


-          Textbook, p.94, LL answer questions, give their own ideas

-          LL should discuss with each other about possibilities


4 (7)

L, S

T- C, I

Textbook, CD

-          textbook p.97 Nr. 3, LL answer question with help of the CD














-          introduce the project:

-          4 groups of 5 and 4 (where do they live?->together)

-          T gives first task they have to do: find s.th. about food and drink in Ireland, transportation… on theis websites…



Individual / (changing) Pairs / Groups of 4 / Class / Teacher // I-T / P…/T-C / etc.      //    Listening / Reading / Speaking / Writing / Vocabulary / Grammar // L+R / S+W/ etc.

role cards / activity cards / pictures / flash cards / posters / notebooks / blackboard / OHP / textbook ex.3, p.15+tape/ etc.