LESSON PLAN #1                                                                                                           Date: 18th of March,2003                                      

                                                               name of student                                            semester

                                                                    Jutta Schulz                                                            6                                                             eb= exercise book, wb= workbook, (...)= time I need

 Topic/ Tasks/ Skills:

- in depths- study unit 15: “at school”, subjects, understanding words in context

Learners / Classroom teacher / School:

2nd class/ 2nd set/ Mrs. Monz/ HS Pfunds


Main aims:

-          to get to know and to be able to use vocabs, topic: “at school”

-          understanding meaning and usage of theses vocabs

Personal training focuses:

-          Getting to know each other

-          Names of LL

-          Establish classroom routines/ rules in classroom (teacher as authority)

Language focus:

Timetable in second language, school subjects

(new vocabulary, revision of structure, awareness raising for new structure, contrasting usage, etc.)




step/ time




procedure (what the teacher / learners do)

content of tasks / exercises       //      transitions (links)

intention / rationale / reason for choosing task,

interaction, material, etc.

comment (pre/post) / anticipated problems +

possible solution

1 (7)




-          Class in circle, LL throw ball to each other, LL say their name and their favourite subject

- lead- in activity,  rehearsal subjects in classroom

- discipline!

2 (7)

V, W


Workbook, bb

-          Workbook, p.79 Nr. 4, who has got it/ who hasn’t got it? Compare with whole class (->bb if necessary)

-          Revision of last lesson, homework “control”


3 a (5)

V, W



-          Textbook p.112 nr.2, alone



3 b (8)

S, V



-          on BB: What is your favourite subject? Which day of the week do you like best? Why? Because I have… Is there a subject you don`t like? Why? Because…

-          LL ask partner these questions and partner gives answer, -> reverse case!

-          “training” for speaking


4 (5)




-          textbook p. 113, vocab: detention (Nachsitzen), explain, ask WHO HAD TO DO THIS…!

-          Words in context


5 (15)

L, V

T- I

Textbook, CD

-          textbook p. 114, LL read through the 5 sentences and its possible answers,

-          1. LL tick what they WOULD do or what they think the person in the text WOULD do

-          2. LL listen to the CD (whole text)

-          3. LL listen to every part (there are 5 parts), after every past they tick off the correct answer

-          4. comparing in class/ with others

- developing listening skills


6 (7)

V, R



-          workbook p. 80, Nr. 7,  what does “summary and underline” mean? LL find wrong parts on their own, -> homework

- understanding, context


Next lesson, time left




-          p.114, 7

-          “hangman”: detention, summary, lunch break, Geography



My wishes




-          writing exercises!



Individual / (changing) Pairs / Groups of 4 / Class / Teacher // I-T / P…/T-C / etc.      //    Listening / Reading / Speaking / Writing / Vocabulary / Grammar // L+R / S+W/ etc.

role cards / activity cards / pictures / flash cards / posters / notebooks / blackboard / OHP / textbook ex.3, p.15+tape/ etc.