Republic of Ireland: about 3.5 Mio. people -  almost all the people speak English, and about one-fourth also speak Irish, a Gaelic language that is the traditional tongue of Ireland - Irish is spoken as a vernacular by a relatively small number of people, however, mostly in areas of the west - the constitution provides both: Irish and English as official languages - Northern Ireland: about 1.6 Mio. people - the majority of the people there are of Scottish or English ancestry/origion and are commonly known as the Scotch-Irish - the remainder of the population is Irish, principally native to Ulster - English is the only one official language - unlike the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland does not encourage the use of the Gaelic language


The capital and largest city is Dublin, with a population (1986, greater city) of 920,956. Cork is the second largest city (and has a huge port), with a population of 173,694

Interesting things:

- Music and Dancing:

the Irish traditionally dance mainly with their feet without much significant movement of the arms or hands – “The Chieftains” are a well-known Irish folk group - they became famous by playing traditional Irish songs and melodies using traditional instruments - the Irish have also become famous for modern music - tock rock group “U2” and the singer “Bob Geldof” are well known around the world

- Horses:

 Irish race horses are famous around the world - Ireland is well known for breeding and training excellent racehorses - most Irish horses are ponies - they are noted for their strength and temperament - donkeys are also associated with Ireland because of their strength and their ability to survive on very little food

- Sport:

Ireland is a wet country - Irish rivers are full of fish, trout and salmon in particular - traditional Irish sports are hurling and Gaelic football - Golf is a game which has its roots in Scotland but it has been played in Ireland for many years



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