©by kokoro ´03

Everyone is changing.
In the course of the years, many frienships break,
May it be because fight
Or fear.
But you are going to meet new people.
Love fades, but when time goes by, you´ll find a new one.

But what now, if everything comes different as thought and hoped?

You still got your friends,
But a new love has failed to appear.
You think you´ve lost the ability to love someone.
Does it come back?
Who knows.
But when?
Today? Tomorrow? In a week?

Love. Sadness. Both connected.

What happended, that you only can hurt and no longer spend love?
What is it, that you can´t be with the one you want to?
Have we lost our courage to show what we feel?

We got friends. Right. And they try to help us out of our depressions.

But there´s one thing remaining: LOVE SUCKS!