Title: I Want You To Need Me

Author: Mary (SlayerKnight2@aol.com)

Website: none



I Want You To Need Me 10

By Mary


Shit. Shit. Shit.

The same word kept repeating through Johns' head as he walked back to the crash ship. There was something on this planet, something that liked to hide in the dark. And something that had made one hell of a meal of Zeke if Fry's words could be trusted. The woman was scared shitless. She'd seen... something.

He knew he had to get Riddick's help. These fuckers liked the dark. He ignored the fact that he hadn't voted to kill Riddick. He ignored the reasons why.

"Finally found something worse then me, huh?" His voice sent shivers down Johns' spine as the man gloated.

He touched the top of his gun for reassurance. "So here's the deal. You work without chains, without bit, and without shivs. You do what I say when I say it."

Anger was in the other man's voice. "For what? The honor of going back to some asshole in a cell? Fuck you."

There was pain there. But Johns ignored it. He couldn't let the memories of the past surface, not now, not ever for that matter. "The truth is.
.." //I'm sorry. I can't do this. I'm scared of you or something about you. I don't know how to handle this or you.// He saw Riddick's head tilt to the side as he was obviously interested in the answer.

"Is that I'm tired of chasing you."

Riddick looked up at him, silver eyes stared at him, looking for an answer to a question that had nothing to do with chains. Wondering if this was Johns way of reinitiating their previous relationship, or whatever the hell it had been. "You saying you'd cut me loose?"

He shook his head. That wasn't going to happen. Johns couldn't afford to be that vulnerable again, to anyone. "I'm thinking you could have died in the crash."

The answer seemed to hit home with the serial killer. His voice was pure steel now. "My recommendation. Do me. Don't take the chance that I'll get shiv-happy on your wannabe ass."

So they were back to this. This was something he could at least deal with.

The lines were drawn. "Okay."

"Ghost me, motherfucker. That's what I would do to you."

The anger-filled words pushed his buttons. Johns was just going to untie him but he snapped and used his rifle to shoot the chains, barely missing Riddick. As the smoke cleared away, Riddick looked confused by this turn of events. Probably wondering what the fuck this all meant.

Well, Johns would have to clarify it. "Want you to remember this moment. How it could have gone and didn't. Here." The goggles were an odd act of kindness that he had done. He'd saved them after their scuffle. For what reason, he didn't know. Or he just ignored it.

Riddick looked oddly defeated by the outcome of the conversation. He reached out and, in the blink of an eye, had grabbed his rifle and aimed it towards his face. He barely had a moment to register the shock and raise his hands in surrender. Why the hell had Riddick pulled this? What was he trying to prove?

And why now?

The man had it pointed at him, ready for the kill. He hesitated and took another step towards Johns, causing the merc to backstep in confusion and surprise. He was waiting for Riddick to kill him. But the other man hesitated. His lips were pursed tightly together and his eyes reflected anger, hurt, and indecision.

Then Johns knew. Riddick still wanted him. The serial killer wouldn't kill him, even after all that had happened, because he *still* *wanted* *him*
. The shock of it made Johns smile slightly.

," he said in a pure taunting voice.

And the other man knew it. " Fuck you!" The anger-filled shout was interlaced with hurt.

The shout, or more like the emotions in it, made his smile vanish. The fucker was serious, about everything. But he ignored it, like he did everything. "Do we have a deal?"

Riddick, satisfied that his words had hit something in Johns, sighed. His eyes were somewhat softer when he spoke. "Want you to remember this moment."

He threw the gun down and grabbed the goggles roughly from Johns' hand and started to walk away. Johns smiled, knowing that
he hadn't quite lost, but hadn't quite won either.

He went to turn back to walk out of this ship when Riddick slammed him against the nearby bunkhead. The serial killer's body was pressed up against his, trapping him. His breath was almost gone and he gasped as he felt the closeness of the other man. Riddick's heat was incredible. Before he could ask about what was going on, he felt the serial killer's lips pressed against his own.

He felt himself responding instantly to the other man's touch, the feel of his hands, his lips. He opened his mouth under the aggressive tongue, his own tongue eagerly responding, twining. Johns felt his hands moving over his body, his chest, hips, and arms. The lips pulled away to kiss over his face.

He trailed kisses down Johns' throat.

Johns' panted and moaned under his touches and kisses, totally lost in the familiar passion. The kisses on his neck were setting his nerves on fire. One of Riddick's hands undid the top off of his pants and grabbed a hold of his cock, massaging it. He threw his head back against the console, his hands clutching at the dark wifebeater, feeling the heat and muscles beneath it.

Riddick kissed his neck more fiercely, worked his cock faster. He felt Riddick's lips pressed over his own, tightly, as he came. The other man swallowed his screams.

Afterwards, he felt Riddick kiss his lips gently, strong arms encircle him to hold him close. He leaned his forehead against Riddick's, panting.
He wrapped his arms around Riddick's back, and moved to rest his head on the other man' shoulder.

Riddick's voice was hoarse and coarse with emotion when he spoke. "Shit's going down. Watch your back. There are demons crawling out here."

Johns didn't want Riddick to leave, and damnit, the serial killer knew it.

The killer moved away abruptly and left the ship, picking up his goggles.

Johns looked after him, confused. But he ignored the reasons why he cared.


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