Title: I Want You To Need Me

Author: Mary (SlayerKnight2@aol.com)

Website: none



I Want You To Need Me 16

By Mary


Numbness and pain.

Two different ends of the spectrum and both were the only things that Johns felt. It seemed as though his entire life had disappeared. Everything had come to a stand still. It was a though he had been meant to die in that beast's jaws and the universe was putting him on hold while they tried to deal with the change in plans. Probably never saw Riddick coming. He never did, that's for fucking sure.

Everything was as it should have been until that bastard came into his life.

Why had he needed to be so nice towards Johns in that seedy bar? Why had he cared? The questions plagued his mind as he listened to the rain and monsters' screeching outside, his only barrier a thick boulder. And Riddick?

His only barrier between insanity. The chaos beckoned him with the promise of release but a silent presence kept the voices at bay.

Jack sat a few feet away from him. Her face was illuminated by the eerie bluish light given off by the worms that moved overhead. Her bright eyes glanced over at him every couple of minutes, as though she was shocked that he was still alive as well. Imam sat next to her, fingering his prayer beads and mumbling hymns. Fry was across from the holy man, staring out of the cracks of the boulder to watch the frenzied animals feed off of one another.

No one had ventured near him. They acted cautious around him, as though afraid that they would scare him. As if he wasn't supposed to be here. Not among the living, not now. He leaned back against the solid wall behind him and watched the glowing worms move in an undetectable pattern. His knees were drawn up and his rested his arms in his lap.

He felt someone move to sit down next to him and instinctively knew who it was. The other man's aura was a tangible thing; his smell, his heat. Johns watched out of the corner of his eye as Riddick's hand reached for his shoulder, hesitated, and then diverted to look at his wound. Johns suppressed a sigh. There was a time when the hesitation wasn't there -- albeit a small amount of time but it had existed. Deft fingers checked the makeshift

"Wanna fuck?" His words were bleached of emotion.

The killer paused. Silver eyes flashed over his face; a grim expression.


Johns attempted to shrug but the movement jarred his wound and he winced.

"Just want to *feel* something."

Silence ensued; unusual and uncomfortable. Finally, Johns spoke up again.

"What? No words of wisdom? No smart-ass remarks, Riddick?"

Riddick looked down at the floor, his hands busy as they folded the rope.

"What could I say to reassure you?"

Johns laughed humorlessly. "Fantastic bedside manner, Nurse Ratched."

The killer glanced up at him. "So, are you pretending to be insane or are you?"

"You should know. You're my guide in this hell."

"You created it." Riddick countered.

Johns nodded. "I don't belong here, Riddick." A curious glance prompted him to continue. "I should be dead."

"No one belongs here. Wait until we get off this planet and then sort through this." The deep voice reassured him somewhat.

A sharp pang of despair hit him through his desperation. He leaned against Riddick, feeling the other man lean over to nuzzle the side of his face. The gesture soothed his frayed nerves. He felt a strong arm wrap around his shoulder and suddenly he couldn't breathe. He straightened abruptly and moved away from Riddick. The other's confused look followed him but he ignored it, resuming his watch of the worms above. He couldn't explain it but everything felt wrong now.

Riddick stood up swiftly. "It's time to go."


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