Title: I Want You To Need Me

Author: Mary (SlayerKnight2@aol.com)

Website: none



I Want You To Need Me 18

By Mary



He saw the creature land in front of them and attack the Muslim kid. Fry, Imam, and the girl panicked and took off running to the ship. But he paused. He watched, fascinated, as the beast ripped the boy apart. Blood spirited and the screams were silenced. Crunching noises now filled the air as bones and jaws snapped.

Suddenly, he snapped out of it and gingerly ran after the others. Adrenaline helped push him along but the jarring movements reopened barely healed wounds. Blood loss and intense pain finally caused him to fall to his knees, his hands preventing his face from hitting the wet, muddy ground.

He looked up, his vision blurred. The ship's lights shone like a beacon in the darkness. It teased him with the illusion of safety but pain and weakness prevented him from doing more than just sit there. The beasts moved in the darkness and advanced on him. It was only a matter of time now.


The fools. All of them.

The monsters attack and they scatter; perfect game. The woman, the girl, and the holy man all ran towards the ship at different paces. His eyes searched the darkness for Johns. He found the merc, the dumb fuck was watching the Muslim child die. The gory scene didn't appear to disturb him but he finally started running.

He averted his eyes to focus on Fry. She stopped as a beast landed next to her. She looked at Riddick, her eyes pleading. Jack and Imam had reached the ship. Riddick motioned them inside but Jack hesitated. The girl saw Fry and her trouble.

"Please, Riddick. Help her." Jack said. The heroism in her eyes caused him to heed her request.

He took off to help the pilot, the woman who would risk everything to make up for her past mistake. He could relate. Something tugged at the back of his mind. A flash. He turned and looked in the direction Johns had been running. The young man had collapsed to the ground, sitting on his haunches, waiting.

Blue eyes looked around blindly in the surrounding darkness.

Riddick stopped. Fry was screaming at him now, begging him for help. And Johns just sat there, dazed. The creatures were advancing on them both. For a moment, Riddick wondered what was left of the merc to save. Then he made his choice.

He dove after Johns, reaching him just as one of the beasts pounced. He slammed into the young man, pulling him to the ground out of danger. He heard Johns cry out in pain as they landed, hard. He pulled Johns close to him as he watched the creatures attack Fry.


Black dots swam in his vision as he tried to breathe. "Fuck." He gasped. "You trying to finish the job?"

The pilot's painful wails echoed through the cold night air, sending shivers down his spine. He looked up, vainly trying to catch a glimpse of the scene.

The ship's light allowed him to see a little of her death. Three creatures attacked simultaneously, ripping her apart. Blood spurted into the air as one of her arteries was severed. Bones snapped as they tore off an arm. Her howls of agony mingle with the screeching of the feeding frenzy. Finally, one thrust in to feed on her heart and the screams ceased abruptly.

Johns swallowed. The death had been horrible but all he could think was 'good.' The woman had been a thorn in his side from the beginning, a noisome pest. And now she was gone.

He moved to get up, acutely aware of the pain that sliced through him still.

The cold air stung the wound that continued to bleed still from the recent additional trauma. He struggled to stand up as Riddick moved beside him. Johns felt an arm come around his waist, whether it was to support him or protect him, Johns couldn't tell. Perhaps it was both; perhaps it was neither.

They stumbled into the ship and Johns slumped to the ground. Riddick stopped and Johns felt a hand cup his cheek, a thumb caressing. He looked up to see concerned eyes focus on him. A flash of anger echoed through him and he moved away from Riddick.

The killer went to follow but his words stopped him. "You said I had demons to fight."

"Not alone." The deep voice growled. Johns wasn't sure who the other man was trying to convince.

"Not with you." Johns wasn't sure where the thought had come from but they were voiced and it was done.

Riddick paused, silver eyes staring at him. Jack's voice called him away to pilot the ship and he went where he was needed.


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