Title: I Want You To Need Me

Author: Mary (SlayerKnight2@aol.com)

Website: none



I Want You To Need Me 22

By Mary



He sat on the edge of the platform. He closed his eyes as the artificial air moved over his face and through his air the in draft that echoed up the metal walls. About 30 feet below there was a gathering of military personnel. The high-ranking officials, maybe three dozen, gathered about in a semicircle unaware of the solitary figure observing them.

Johns mind was blank. The small apartment that the Company had supplied had grown suffocatingly small and his thoughts had turned introspective again. He didn't want to think anymore. There was a darkness festering inside of him and he didn't know what it meant. It clawed at his insides, trying to climb out and...and what?

Johns leaned his head down to rest his chin on top of his knee. In such a small amount of time his life had begun to change and had never stopped. He had yet to find a constant in his life. The doctor had told him that he had depression and shell-shock. Johns had told them to fuck off.

He felt a presence behind. It was subtle; a primal scent, a slight change in the air, a teasing heat. But Johns would know the man anywhere. There was a hesitation, a supreme caution in the way the man moved to walk up behind him.

Johns smiled, his mood even more sour. "Come to talk me down off the ledge?" There was a long pause and he sighed. "I'm joking."

Riddick remained silent as he moved to sit down on the ledge across from Johns. He moved with the strength and agility of a panther, all of his muscles gliding beneath the caramel skin with a familiar ease. Riddick didn't look at him but at the assembled company of men a few stories down. Johns knew that the serial killer would be especially uneasy around the military types.

"You got balls for days to stick around here with the record you have." Johns said. He didn't know where the thought had come from but it rang true.

Riddick remained impassive.

The lack of response angered Johns' anger. He'd come to this balcony to be alone. Not only did he have unwanted company but the other man refused to acknowledge his existence. "You here for a reason?"

Goggled eyes still watched the gathering below. "You weren't in your room."

"Didn't answer my question."

Riddick nodded. "No, I didn't."

Johns bit back the anger that threatened to boil over. A random thought occurred to him, something that would help him to not think. "You wanna fuck?"

If the killer was surprised he hid it well. The man simply shook his head.

He stood up. "C'mon, let's go."

Riddick looked up at him. "No."

The single word held such coldness that it stopped Johns dead. The anger seeped out of his body and the darkness retreated a bit. He suddenly felt tired and leaned against the wall, sliding down to sit in his previous position. He could feel Riddick's eyes on him.

He watched as the other man move to kneel in front of him. A hand moved rub his thigh. He felt Riddick lean in to nuzzle Johns' neck, and he closed his eyes at the warm sensation. Johns ran his hand over the other man's shoulder, the muscles flexing under his touch. Darkness suddenly enveloped him and panic set in. He pushed the other man off of him and stood up in a rush. He felt Riddick reach for him but he left.

Johns entered his room, surprised to find the lights on and Lieutenant Madeline Kennedy. The hard-faced woman looked up from her computer printout as he entered. Every part of the woman screamed military from her straight posture to her dark hair that was pinned in a bun. Her dark eyes acknowledged him and her thin lips pressed together. She motioned for him to close the door.

"The man you are traveling with, Mr. Johns, is not who you think he is." Her voice was crisp and clear.

"Really." His voice was disjointed and cold. The darkness was raging inside of him once again.

"I knew I recognized him when he stepped off your shuttle. I took the liberty to conduct some research and found out that he is the escaped felon known as Richard B. Riddick. His record is miles long, the latest multiple murders of prison guards."

"Anyone else know?" Johns asked.

"No. I just finished my search and since you are law enforcement and had been traveling with the criminal, I thought it best to alert you and your companions." Lieutenant Kennedy replied.

Johns nodded. "Good."


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