Title: I Want You To Need Me

Author: Mary (SlayerKnight2@aol.com)

Website: none



I Want You To Need Me 6

By Mary


He kissed Riddick, his lips sliding over the ones beneath him. The kiss was hesitant at first, then needy as he slipped his tongue into the other man's mouth. He groaned and felt large arms come around him and pull him on top of Riddick, straddling his chest.
His arms gripped Riddick's shoulders, feeling the strength in the muscles as they rippled beneath the smooth skin. Johns broke away from the pulse-pounding kiss, and moved to trail kisses down the other man's jaw and neck. He nipped playfully at the warm skin behind Riddick's ear. He grinned, hearing the almost animalistic moans his attention elicited.

He could feel Riddick pulling at the oversized shirt he was wearing. Johns wanted to continue his 'conquest' but was suddenly flipped onto his back. His surprised growl was muffled by a pair of insistent lips that collided passionately with his. A warm, wet tongue twined with his own in an ancient dance that sang threw their blood.

The kiss left him lightheaded and disoriented for a few minutes. Riddick moved like a panther over him, his muscles gliding under his tanned skin. The larger man hovered above him for a second, his silver eyes searching Johns' face as if judging whether or not the young man was ready for this.

Johns wrapped his arms around the other man's neck, pulling him down for another kiss. He groaned deep in his throat as he felt powerful arms sneak under his back to bring his body against Riddick's in a crushing embrace. He gasped as their erections pressed against each other. He clung to the strong shoulders, trying to find a stability as his mind went spinning. Riddick must have sensed it because he stopped. Stopped moving his hands and body, stopped kissing.

Johns gasped at the suddenness of it, wondering if he had done something wrong.

Riddick pulled back to gaze into the blue eyes of the man beneath him. His voice was husky. "What do you need?"

Johns' blue eyes were almost black. "Now. No fluff."

Johns pulled him down for another kiss as they quickly undressed. They weren't going to be able to savor this as well as they could have. There had been far too much going on recently and far too much history between them that had yet to be rectified. It was pure and animalistic. It was what they needed right now.

He laid on his stomach, feeling Riddick's body, an interesting interplay of hardened muscles under soft skin. He heard a fumbling noise behind him and gel-coated fingers entered him slowly. First one, then two, then a third one was added.

He grunted, craning his neck slightly. "Jesus, Riddick. I'm not glass, I won't break."

The serial killer leaned over him and whispered in his ear in a serious but not taunting voice. "You're already broken. I'm trying to steady you."

Johns knew his mental state hadn't been ideal the past couple of days but he needed this right now. Fast and hard. A strong contradiction to the slow and torturous past few days of *thinking.*

Riddick felt Johns relax as he entered him. The young man had been through this before but it had probably been a far less gentle previous partner.

Tight. Slick. Heat. He struggled to keep rational thought as he lost himself to a primitive rhythm. He pressed his chest against the damp back beneath him. He licked once at the back of the young merc's neck, tasting him. He nuzzled the soft, curly hair on Johns' head. Johns smelled faintly of vanilla and spices.

He angled his thrusts to hit Johns' prostate, causing the other man's moans to jump to a yelp at the shock of pleasure that shot up his spine. He licked up the jugular, kissing the side of the young man's neck. Johns turned his neck, leaning into the kisses. He let his large hand sneak down to grasp the other man's rigid erection. He pumped it in time with his thrusts. Johns clawed at the sheets underneath him, not trying to get away from the
exquisite torture but to get more.

Johns came first, dragging Riddick down with him. The two men laid on the bed in the aftermath. Riddick moved away from Johns, so as not to smother the merc. He wasn't quite sure of how the younger man would react now. To his surprise, Johns followed him when he moved. The blonde-haired merc nestled up next to him, lying his head on Riddick's chest, tucked under the older man's chin. An arm lay lazily across his chest in a possessive manner as Johns nuzzled his throat.

Riddick had thought that the sex had been merely a much-needed distraction from the trauma of the last few days but apparently he'd been pleasantly surprised. He wrapped his arms around Johns, holding him close.


Riddick awoke with a start. He sat up, adrenaline racing through his system. His body was ready for a fight but his mind wondered at what it was that had caused him to panic. His hand rested protectively on Johns' shoulder even as he looked around the small room for danger.

Desolation Keen suddenly walked through the door, his brown eyes wide with similar panic. "What the fuck's going on, Riddick?"

The serial killer shook his head. "I don't know."


Johns was starting to wake up. In the warm haze of sleep, he sensed the fear that permeated the air now. He sat up, next to his lover. "Riddick?"

"There's something wrong," the serial killer stated.

He felt it now, too. An instinctual warning that informed him of danger. The hair on the back of his neck stood on end. Keen was freaking out.

"Man, what the fuck is it?"

"Calm down," Riddick answered.

While the serial killer attempted to soothe the distraught man with calming words, Johns moved over to the window that was next to the bed. He gazed down at the street below, the sight making his heart almost stop short.

"Riddick," he whispered.

His tone must have warned Riddick because the other man moved over to him.


Riddick followed his gaze. "Oh, fuck."


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