Title: Permanent

Author: Powrhug (Powrhugr@aol.com)

Website: http://www.alwaysfanfic.com

Rating: NC-17

Pairing / Main characters: Riddick/Johns

Series/Sequel: complete

Summary: Riddick POV, PWP. A missing scene from the movie. Johns and Riddick get up close and very personal. NOT romantic.

Disclaimer: The usual. I don't own Riddick or Johns or anything else having to do with Pitch Black, they are the property of the producers/creators/writers. I'm just writing my thoughts down and sharing. Without profiting of course.

Archive/Distribution: Sure, if you want it, just take it... but let me know where so I can come visit! Anyone I've said okay to before doesn't need to ask.

Date: Feb 2002

Notes: Written on 2/27/02, my first m/m slash I've ever written. But Riddick/Johns seemed like a really incredible place to start. Be warned, I use a derogatory word in this that I would NEVER use personally, but that I think is in character for Riddick. So that's why it's in here. And btw, yes, the allusion to the "other movie" is intentional. LOL I couldn't resist!

SPOILERS: Um... the movie? LOL




By Powrhug


It wasn't love. Hell it wasn't even like. It was hate. Pure hate.

But with hate there's passion.

Intense. Hot. Physical. Passion.

I felt it the first time I saw the merc. There was this undeniable animal lust that existed between us.

And I knew, when he captured me, that it was only a matter of time before we fucked.

Not that Johns was a fag. And neither was I. We were just two men.

Simple as that.

And it was all part of the contest. Who'd come out on top. Who'd fuck the other first. Who'd fuck the other over. Who'd win.

From the minute I saw him I knew he'd be a worthy opponent. My dick confirmed it.


We only fucked once. After we'd landed on the planet. After he'd freed me to help with the others.

It happened behind the torn-up shell of remains that used to be the Hunter-Gratzner. Where any one of them could have seen. But they didn't. Where any one of them could have come upon us. But they didn't. Where anyone could have heard us. And maybe they did.

But neither of us cared enough to stop what happened. Or keep quiet doing it.



We stood looking at each other. Hell we were probably circling. Sizing each other up.

"How hard are you gonna let it get before you admit you want me, Johns?"

I remember his smirk. That smart-ass shit-eatin grin of his. Blue-eyed devil.

"You take care of yours and I'll take care of mine, Riddick. Don't you worry about it."

I came close then. Invading his personal body space. Letting him feel the heat coming off of me.

"Why don't you let *me* take care of it?"

His tongue made the slow crawl across his bottom lip. Eyes squinting into mine.

"You want that?"

I shrugged in reply. Fucker. Just because I wanted him didn't mean I'd say it. He wouldn't.

"What do you think?" I asked instead, untangling his fingers from his belt loop and placing his hand on my crotch.

I remember his laugh. A deep throated low sound.

Appreciation? Affirmation? Or just plain lust. Who gives a shit. I took it for what I wanted.

Before he could react I had him against the hard metal of the craft. Shoulders pinned. One of his hands now trapped between our bodies. The other reaching back to steady himself against the sudden movement.

He laughed again. This time full of what I figured was mirth. Or as close as the bastard had come in his godforsaken life. Head rolled back. Eyes closed.

I took the opportunity to run my tongue up his neck. Tracing the blood vessel that pulsed. Betraying his desire.

As soon as my mouth reached his jaw mine was caught in his hard grip. Raising my eyes to his.

"How we gonna play this, Riddick?" he asked in that lazy drawl of his that made my dick twitch.

I let the silence grow before replying.

"I tell you what, Johns. I'll let you fuck me..." I paused as I shook off his hand and nipped at his jaw.


"Yeah. But first, you gotta. Suck. Me." I said. Punctuating each word with another bite to his chiseled features.

I avoided kissing him. It wasn't about that.

I didn't know what he'd do. There's no way you can predict how someone like Johns is going to react to being asked to suck dick.

"Fucker," he growled as he reversed our positions. With me now pinned between the hardness of the ship and the hardness of him.

One hand was at my throat, just allowing enough air to pass through for me to remain conscious. The other was trailing down my chest. Pushing up my shirt far enough so that he could run his teeth over my nipples. His breath coming in harsh spurts against my chest as he laughed when moans escaped me.

"Fucker," he said again. This time a whisper against my stomach as his free hand undid my belt and pants, pushing them down to my thighs. Freeing the hardest part of the hardness that was me.

My body convulsed against him as his hand left my throat. My chest heaved with the intake of air. His hands were now gripping my hips. Hard calluses digging into my flesh. Pulling my dick into his mouth.

He wasn't one for foreplay, but neither was I. Instead settling into a rough combination of suction and tongue and teeth and hands on shaft and balls and sometimes stomach.

I came fast. And furious. Faster than I wanted. Hating the victory that was his.

He laughed after. Looking up from his crouch. Running his thumb over his lips, wiping remnants of me from his mouth.

Blue eyes staring. Hard. Squinting slightly.

Then he raised up and leaned in. Hands on either side of my head. I was still panting. Dizzy from the rush and feeling. And I thought for a minute he was going to kiss me.

But he breathed against me instead, "Now it's my turn, Riddick."

I shoved him away from me, fists in chest. Probably knocking the wind out of him judging from his reaction. Slowly I pushed my pants down the rest of the way, stepped out of them and turned toward the ship.

"Make it quick," I said, bending forward to place my cheek against the cool surface of the ship.

"I don't think you have to worry about that." And then I felt him. Hard against my ass. Hands spreading me. Dick filling me. Then hands groping my back. Searching for and finding leverage to fuck me.

I knew I couldn't let him win. Couldn't let him control the situation. So I started in. Egging him on. Pushing him toward climax. Controlling him with my words.

"Yeah, that's right, Johns. Fuck me. That's right, baby. Get it while you can. Fuck me while you can, baby. Cause yours will come. That's right. Fuck me while you can, Johns. Cause I'll fuck you. I'll fuck you, baby. First chance I get."

The words came spilling from me as his dick slid in and out. He came when I wanted him to. Biting into my shoulder and growling as he did so. His left arm around my stomach. His right hand caressing my mouth. Fingers dipping in for me to suck.

His body was still in spasms when I felt his mouth moving in a hot wet trail toward my mouth.

"Ya gonna kiss me, Johns?" I asked. "What next? Flowers?"

"Fucker," he said, and bit my earlobe. Then laughed and turned away, He crouched slightly, zipping and buttoning his pants.

"This doesn't change anything, Riddick."

I crossed my arms on my chest and leaned back, bracing myself against the ship. "Didn't think it would."

"I'm still taking you back."

"Yeah. And I'm still gonna fuck you. Then kill you."

He turned slightly and grinned. Blue-eyed devil. "In that order?"

I chuckled as he walked away.


I wasn't wrong. Not really. The shiv sliding into him was like a fuck. A slow delicious painful fuck. His back to mine. My breath in his ear. The blade plunging deep.

I'd come out on top. In the end.

A permanent fuck.