Welcome to the fantastic World of Amiga

Do you still remember the times we spent in front of a computer called Amiga - playing games, listening to music, watching demos?

This homepage was created to show you the legal side of creative Amiga entertainment. That means you may not find commercial games or tools on this homepage - but of course things called Demos, Intros, Dentros, Trackmos and Modules.
These files represent a wide range of some of the most impressive scene-productions ever created on Amiga. But as there are so many great demonstrations I still need more of that stuff. So if you have some of these productions please support me by sending those files to my email-address mentioned below. You will get the credits for sure. I am especially looking for modules... so please help me creating a really big download archive to keep the Amiga scene alive forever!

Some additional information about this homepage:

All files on this homepage are - in my opinion - public domain, that means everybody may download and use them for private purpose. You are not allowed to earn money with these productions without the permission of the creators. If anybody doesnīt want his files to be published on this homepage you should try contacting me per email...


OK, thatīs all...

see you - Alexander Braun (Striker of Addonic)