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Hier werden interessante Links stehen. Bitte teile uns per E-mail eure Links mit inschaŽallah


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s you can see this isn't a usual side bordered background.
It's made with a table with 3 rows.
The menu at the left is mouseovered.
To learn how to make mouseovers read my tutorial on "How To Code Mouseover Buttons"
if you encounter any problems setting this set up I'm more than willing to help you. Just contact me.

You can use this page as a template if you want or just add the following
code into your htm document.

Get the htm Code here!

Download this set here!

Please fill out this form if you download any graphics from this page, it helps me keep track on where my graphics are.
If you don't know which specific page the graphics will be at or if they are going to be uploaded to several pages within your site, just leave that field.

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Font I used is: University Roman
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background color=#DAD0D8


This is the code you will need to link the logo back to my site:

<p align="center"><a href="">
<img src="logo.jpg" border=0></a></p>

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